Saturday, 27 November 2010


Yesterday, after a morning at uni, improving my non-existing web design skills (There was a point in my life I thought I "knew" computers....Those days have passed. I now know that.) a overpriced latte (yesterday, London suddenly decided it was time for winter. I was not prepared. Mentally. I needed that overpriced cup of warm milk) it was time to pick up 50% of my genes and the step dad who is in London for the weekend! (Basically to see if Im eating right and isnt living with killers)

The Gatwick express train they were on was packed. People gets of the train and walks the same direction( toward where I was standing at Victoria, eager). My dear family members on the other hand decides that no, all of those people must be walking in the wrong direction....Lets walk the OTHER way!...and ends up...well...somewhere else. Oh help me god.

10 minutes later, finally, some screaming and jumping up and down( me and mom, the step dad is not much of a jumper).
Reunited with mi mama!

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