Monday, 31 January 2011


Who goes out and get pissed before picking up her relatives at victoria friday night?
I do that
Who decides in a tipsy state that a 1.39pound mcdonalds coffee is too expencive and decides that 3 cheese burgers is a better choice?
I do that
Who has to borrow plates, knifes and forks because she is cooking (lets not get carried away, heating up) dinner for her family?
I do that
Who realizes on monday morning she is COMPLETELY out of clean underwear?
I do that
Who is sitting on her fat ass, writing this when she should have left 10 minutes ago?
Again, I do that

aaaah, nothing like true honesty early in the morning, hu?

Friday, 28 January 2011

Something is wrong with the world.

I remember this very vaguely but last night I woke up around 4am. My bladder is SO not cooperating with me these days. It knows living in halls makes it as unconvenient as ever for me to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It knows. And therefor wakes me up every night.
This is not interesting in any way and me telling this may even be a little disturbing...
The point is coming, stay in there.

Last night, I brought my phone with me.
I brought my phone with me to the bathroom!
What could I POSSIBLY be needing my phone for?
So that I could check my emails and facebook WHILE peeing

At 4 am.

Seriously? Yes, seriously.
Even in my most unconcious state I feel the urgent need to check my emails. 
Its not like I am very important and get emails every second of even hour.
No. Im not even that popular.

How disturbing is that?

But then again, its not like I feel the sudden need for change.
Im quite happy with my addiction.
T-mobile created free internet booster for a reason.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Why do I even bother?

Overslept. Missed my seminar. Again.

I will die uneducated and fat. 
I will get a bunch of cats, live on benefits and eat nothing but KFC.
I will get a boobjob, marry rich(without a prenup) and produce beautiful (questionable looking) babies.

One of the two.
Get used to it.

I just want you all to notice Julian Assange in the background.
And if you look closer, above mr assange,  you will also see Miley teaching us all some bong etiquette ("salvia", yeah alright)
My little collage has gotten mixed reactions
- Thats not funny, not even a little.

Personally, I think im HIGH-larious. 
But thats just me I guess.

Reasons enough to go somewhere else...

Dump update:

The room is somewhat organised, somewhat decorated.
It has also got a tiny bit of that "homey" feeling to it. People seems to want that when entering a home.
And if you look real close you might be able to tell there´s actually a female living here.
Not a boy. A girl.
If you look real close.

And the Obamas.
NO room is complete without the Obamas on the wall.

Just another c-r-a-z-y day in London town. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

lets do this mother....

No uni today
No work today
and NO one seems to wanna go for lunch with me.
"I just ate!", when has that EVER stopped anyone to eat...more?

I will just have unpack then. No more excuses.
Pick things off of the floor, put on shelves. gaaaah.
And then....decorate.
I am not born with that gene. "Make things pretty", I dont do that.
Whoever I marry will have to be a little gay, or we´ll live in a dump. 

But people seems to have a problem with my way of living, and since I have always been a people pleaser (funny) I just need to make em happy. Need to.

This time I WILL make an effort to make my prison cell a little homey.


-Are you busy this weekend?
-Very busy?
-Okey, well we are coming over
-But im busy...

And all this time I thought people came over to see ME. Me actually living in London was just a bonus.
I guess not.
The mother and the grandmother suddenly decided to weekend-trip-London.
Whether their ONLY daughter and granddaughter will be able to see them or not is SO not the point.

I need to shop for a new family. 

Monday, 24 January 2011

It doesnt get sadder than this....

Sitting in the most depressing room ever
having a little pre party

My preparty friend ditched me for "school work", have you ever heard of such a thing? 

"You go! Meet the others and Ill meet up with you later!"
We´ll just see about that....

Anyway, happy monday

The most depressing sight ever

No, I did not unpack yet.
No, I have no intention of doing so either. Yet.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Tonight Handball, sweden-croatia, at Saras is on the agenda.
I will get an opportunity to spend the night bragging about my 2 month(-ish, might have been 2 days. Time does not matter when it comes to celebrities) long puppy love with this man when we were 10 (yeah, like he doesnt remember) AND she promised to feed me.
I mean, sunday night made in heaven.

But first, drag my messy ass down to Morrissons. Buy anything that doesnt need to be cooked. 
Since I moved to London I havent been required to own my own pots,pans or plates. 
Until now. 
So, what did I bring with me in the move?
One press-o coffee maker (convinced roomie no.1 that I needed it more than her and let me have full custody of it)
One spoon (that I totally stole from my last house)
One meassuring cup(which I totally stole from my first house. Why I decided to steal a meassuring cup I do not remember.) 
One mug I got for my birthday.

But dont let me fool you, its not like I used the pots and pans much before either.
Fatty shit that only requires a oven(pizza, chicken nuggets, pasties....the choices are endless), yoghurt and cereal is pretty much what kept me alive in London so far. 
Not owning pans is the perfect excuse to continue all my bad habits.
Nutrition is SO overrated.

In 5 minutes (20...Hank Moody has me hooked at the moment) I will start getting ready. Not that I doesnt love the Diana Ross look I have going on right now, but people tend to take me more seriously when I brush my hair before entering the world.
Why I dont know. 

Thursday, 20 January 2011


People say living in halls is an "awesome social experience you will never forget!"
Since I moved in, I have not met a single soul (okey Maria, who im pretty sure wanted to end our friendship forever when I made her drag my belongings to my room. She disapeared quickly after that. I wonder why.)

I have however heard a couple going at it. 
A sign of life IS a sign of life. Im not picky. 

But okey, during my 12,5hours of living here. I have been home 45minutes.
(One would think that would be enough time to inhale at least some social experiences. But I guess not.)

Dropped my bags to the floor, screamed some cursewords in swedish when I for the life of me couldnt find my workclothes in the sea of shit and then left my new home, running to make it to Covent Garden in time for work.

I mean, someone needs to sell the people of London shoes. Challenge accepted.

And here we go again...

So why am I doing this? WHY am I moving?
Theres reasons enough, but right now, in the middle of the actual moving-the-crap-from-pointA-to-pointB, hm.
Is this really necessary?

THIS is the reason I need a boyfriend. To move my crap. Do some heavy lifting.
Interested? Anyone?
Its not to late. The cab doesnt get here til 9ish. There´s still time.

Or, in this pace it is very likely that I will move at least twice more before the summer.
The offer stands.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Unlimited sex for 20 pounds a month.

Me and T-mobile are not friends. From day one the chemistry was not right.
But as the lazy person I am I never bothered to end our relationship.
But now....
Im starting to think that T-mobile wants to bff me. Hard.

A new thing for the year is that you get to choose what music you want to listen to while you hold.
Pop, rock, classical. The choices are endless.
I decided to go a little crazy and hold...which means they choose for me. Crazy.
I got some Gaga.

Then I got to speak to a nice (completely braindead) indian man.
He updated me on the latest:
-You do not have unlimited sex. 
-Thanks, how very kind of you to point that out.
-No sorry, unlimited TEXT. Or wait, you do. You do have unlimited sex. 
- You are right actually, people call me Easy A (a joke he by the way did not get)
-Oh no, sorry, I mean unlimited text. 

I mean: choose your own music, some unintended humour.
That right there is reasons enough to stay with the piece of crap that is T-mobile.

The call ended with me calling him an idiot who didnt help me what so ever.
That is however not the point.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oh, one of those days....

There were SO many things I should have done today (going to my 9.30 seminar for starters)
Seriously, I had a list.
But in true Amina fashion, I have done shit. Nothing. Nada.
I got dressed, thats about it (oh, and of course, emptying my savings account)
I suck. In so many ways.
Yes, there´s some serious hatred going on towards myself today.

There is NOTHING I hate more (take that back: oatmeal. I truly hate oatmeal) then wasting time.
And ironically, there is nothing I do better or as often as waste time.

The world sucks hard today.
Except for Ricky Gervais. Deep love going on for Ricky Gervais.

Yesterday on the other hand....Not much wasting was going on.
Moved some crap to my new pad(whereas I was welcomed with a "how can you have so much stuff?", oh they havent even seen half of it yet...), wore my so-not-me-but-I-love-it-to-death-anyway-ghetto-hoodie, went to school, got some knowledge, went to brick lane, had a pretzel (Bethenny, my diet god, says NO NO, I say YES YES), got complimented on my polka dotted umbrella (which I wont today since the freakin sun is shining), had a lovely evening with a lovely Swizz. 
THATS a good day.

I have idiot written in my forehead...whilst having noodles and water.

A regular tuesday morning: Paying your tuition fee, paying your rent.
But hey, who needs 4000 pounds anyway?

People say education is important.
In a moment of complete broke-ness, I have doubts.
And then some smartass comes up and say: But education in Sweden is free, is it not?
Yes it is. Please. Again. Again. Say it again! Im loving the pain!
Education is free in Sweden!

Why do they even give us the option to study abroad? Why?
Obviously, we can not handle it and choose to go to London.
Education is NOT free in London.

Again, why?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Alcohol helps.

Arrived at  Gerdas house...a little (much) later than I had planned.
When Amina is hungover she is slower than usual. Imagine that.
I am not going to lie, I took my time.

Was greeted at the door by a face looking at me, as Hank Moody puts it, like I had just finger-banged her cat.
-You just had to update your blog didnt you?
Amongst other things, yes.
The "the busdriver died"-speech I had planned was not necessary.
Evidence. Evidence of me being at home long after I should have been in Angel.
Will save it for the next time I screw up.
Which statisticly will be sometime tomorrow.

She might look happy but the woman wanted to kill me. Which she mentioned, multiple times. 
The beer she is holding is a forgive-me-beer I bought her. 
It helped. 
Especially when I agreed to skip the movie and stay at the pub and have...well....more beer 
I did not argue. 
Gosling will just have to leave me heartbroken tomorrow instead. 
It can wait. 

Sunday, 16 January 2011

cinema, looking like a woman with questionable morals

My toothbrush, make up, flattening iron...and well everything else that makes me the somewhat decent looking person I aint is across town at Caths place.
I tend to say those magic words "Is it okey if I leave my crap here and pick it up tomorrow?" (which yesterday was answered with "You always do dear!"), everytime before entering the london fog ready to shake my booty.
Without exception, I regret this HARD the following day.

Sometimes, the day after, I decide to look my natural self, other times I choose to look like a hooker with yesterdays eye make up mushed all over.
Today is a hooker-day.

Being the ugly and materalistic person I am, I NEED my crap.

off we go, looking hot and smelling like a meadow in springtime, to Angel.
Ryan gosling, show me what love is all about...
But dont worry, after the movie I WILL go reunite with my crap.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Will be running to Caths place right after work. Ready to, as they say in England "let my hair down and have a laugh"
Well. Lets be time effective, shall we?
Felt very "on top of things" when I decided to put on my tights UNDERNEATH my work-pants.
Will def save me 2 minutes of "changing time" later on.
Yes, that was very clever of me.
Except that right now, 6 hours later, it is painfully obvious (literally) that my tights has ripped in the crotch.

I will just have to go naked.

Lunch over....

Thursday, 13 January 2011

welcome, we will teach you nothing

Was sitting on the tube. Late for uni. This is not a unusual sight. BUT it is a new year and I was going to get better with that whole be-on-time thing. So far we are NOT making any progress.
I was late. I was going to arrive flushed and sweaty. Fine. I had accepted this.

But look at that.... lo and behold, my teacher is calmy sitting 3 seats away from me reader a paper.

High quality universities DO rock!

Hank hates you all.

Everything has been weird today. Off. Strange. Odd.
Amina and the universe has SO not been bffs today.

I have been on cookoo-cloud all day. Still is.
Reason unknown.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lazy does not cover it

I have issues. Major issues.
Get your act together and leave the house already! Nope. For some reason I am takin my sweet old time today.
Even though it IS mighty tempting to enter the rain and go to uni...

I will, no worries. I will get eduacated. Eventually.

Also my UBS stick has given up on me. Dead. Silence. USB stick no more.
Which is awesome in so many ways. Especially since all my work was on there and nowhere else.
Two options: Either spend all night at the library, major recreation session OR blame technology.
Blaming technology has worked oh so many times before. A winning concept, IS a winning concept.
Why change that?

Okey here goes. Final attemt to actually look decent enough not to scare people away.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Piracy written in my forehead

Since I am a last minute kind of gal, I am buried in the world of the music industry. Essay time. The famous speed-essay.

Cd sales are down
People are pissed
Itunes rock
we live in the network society
Napster should go to hell
illegal downloading has put Sweden on the map

Serious shiz

change of pants...

Monday morning starts with me pouring coffee all over myself. No, not all over myself, im not 3, but all over my jeans.
He´s right, god, my ass did look rather huge in these pants. Thanks for stopping me. 

Pantyhose and skirt? 
or no pants...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Less is more.

Dinner in london-town tonight means eggs.
Thats all ive got, eggs. And tesco is closed. Eggs, 2 eggs to be exact.
How very exciting. Almost too exciting.
Add some pepper to that and we have a gastronomical experience. Tastebuds will go trough the roof and dance of joy.
Did I mention I will fry my two eggs in olive oil?
I know. Sometimes I take it too far. I do not deserve such luxury.

Do not forget your bag in the tube...People tend to get a little nervous when you do...

Is there a better day to visit the queen than when London is under severe terror treath?
I didnt think so.
Just had to pay her a visit during my little London stroll today. Im a rebel that way. Cant stay out of tourist hot-spots when I should.

Must constantly remind myself that the "finders keepers" rule does not apply during terror-times.
Note to self: Do not pick up abandoned bags. Do not pick up abandoned bags.
(Instead put your hands in the air, run for your life and scream DANGER!DANGER!)

Good morning lovers

Morning Peeps.
Kidding. My ego is not big enough to say good morning to my readers.
But who knows...the day I actually HAVE readers, I too will call them lovers, sweeties, monsters.
Or Ill just stick with peeps. Quick, simple, no fuss. Peeps.
No. It will not happen. Ever.
But okey, for today only, lets go blogger. All the way.

In true blogger spirit I too will (again today only) take a picture of my breakfast.
We live in a very odd time. All this sharing is very odd. Oddly satisfying.
I love starting MY day by knowing how others started THEIRS. I do.
There is no explanation to why. None.

Yes, I placed a book next to my muesli to look extra sofisticated. Something I am not.
We all know I watched The girls next door while eating.

And not to forget, the picture of me holding a cup of joe (taken in photobooth, naturally. Cooler that way). Looking unrealisticly happy and satisfied.
 It is a cup of coffee. Its not jesus. 

Me and my B-cup (b as in barely anything there. Jesse Eisenberg, I love you) will sport something similiar to this today, only in purple. 
Hey, I have hardly been outside the house for a week. I CRAVE attention. 

Happy sunday. 

Friday, 7 January 2011

Fat is okey. Sugar is not. Danger, danger

How sad am I? (I know I am. There is no need for you to tell me)
Read on my medicine bottle and saw "No added sugar"
Oh hallelujah!
Felt like screaming of joy, felt like shakin ma booty around the kitchen.
Simple. My medicine (again, for kids with orange flavour) does not contain sugar.
(Ive been starving for excitement since sunday. This was very big)

Next minute I would have had no prob going to kebab shop and order fries. Doesnt matter.

Its all about priorities people. (and a completely screwed up brain)

You can act happy when you are alone, okey?

Roommate and his girlfriend are being EXTREMLY lovey-dovey today.
Gooey eyed, laughing, Chasing eachother, I love you, I love you more, No I love you more.


I am already having a shitty day. Did they HAVE to come home with a newfound love for eachother? NO. Stupid and unnecessary.

Allow me to puke on them (or better, IN the romantic dinner for two they are preparing)

Please, show some respect for us lonely loosers.

Not a good day.

Today my mind is blank. Completely blank.
There is nothing to be found up there today. Nada.

I wanted to read. Couldnt decide what I want to read.
I wanted to see a movie. Couldnt decide on what movie I wanted to watch.
I wanted to watch Mad Men. Couldnt concentrate and turned it off.
I wanted to clean my room. I got tired after 2 minutes and decided I was too sick to clean (partly true).
I wanted to eat lunch. Couldnt decide what I wanted to eat (which led to starvation and major binge session 3 hours later)

And whoop: its 7.30 and I have done NOTHING all day. NADA.
Not that I was planning on moving around too much today, but come on.

That right there is Amina in a nutshell.
I get bored.
I want to do something about that. What happens?
I cant decide what I want to do or watch: I get mad at myself. I do NOTHING or watch something ive seen countless of times.
Today I went trough Gilmore girls season 1. Again.
Next week, when im going to school, working and want to suck in all the londonfever Ive missed out on this week, I will HATE myself for not watching all those series or movies that most def. will pop into my head in about 2 days when I have NO time to watch em. Congrats. I suck.

Tomorrow I am NOT staying in. Tonsillitis can suck it! I am going to fling myself if im stuck inside one more day.
I am going central. I am going central even if it´ll take the best of me!


Thursday, 6 January 2011

What hurts like a maffagga, make you sound like a smurf and makes you drink your food?

I caved. I gave up. The towel is thrown.
Last night, without any warning, the fever came back. Big time.
So...After the 4th sleepless night in a row, it was time to go see a doctor.
And yes, I knew what it was. Ive been around. I know what Muppet-voice means.
BUT why act confident on day 2 and go to the doctor, when it MIGHT be a simple flu that the body can take care of on its own? My point excactly.
Nothing hardcore, just plain old tonsillitis.

Just to add on the non-hardcoreness, the doctor says:
- No chance in hell you are going to be able to swallow pills with that throath! I will give you what we give kids. Liquid with orange flavour.

So here we go, time to get well. 

No need for you to panic though, I wont stop complaining until I am feeling 100%. 
Dont worry.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

oh, and here comes the clues....

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how dissapointed and excuse my language, pissed, I was after every How I met your mother episode recently.
BUT since the end and the mother just HAS to be near I did not have the guts to stop watching.
And risk finding out from somebody ELSE who the mother is? No way.

Ive kept watching.

Yesterday I watched the latest episode. And lo and behold, it didnt suck. Quite the opposite.
It was actually great. I laughted, which I havent done while watching How I met your mother in what....1,5 season? But finally....I enjoyed watching it again. Loved it.

But then...from nowhere...I find myself sobbing. Quite intensly.
Yes, doing this while watching HIMYM IS rather odd.
I partly blamed the fever...but no, it was the TWIST! It was.

And now, everywhere I turn (did I mention I am sick, I dont have much to do around here) I see reviews, blogs, comments, interviews ABOUT this episode and the "shocking twist", that "No one saw coming".
AND that the episode will probably go down as being the best one so far, troughout all 6 seasons.

Now I def. will not stop watching. Not for a second.

I also read though that the show is scheduled for 2 more seasons. But hey, if they keep this up, Im not one to complain...

(Especialy not since rumour has it that NP Harris´s twins will play Lilymarshalls´s baby. I mean...)

flat coke.

Okey now I felt bad.
Tesco closes in 2 hours. Maybe, I said MAYBE, I will get my shiz together and wobble down to tesco tonight and get myself some "get better stuff"
Ginger, lemon, chilli....what else?
And what about chicken soup? Isnt that suppose to cure like....everything? Im up for some chicken soop.
OR is just a myth created by all mothers because kids tends to like chicken soup and everything slightly warm is good for you....Hu? Hu?

And while I am at it....What about "Give your puking kid a flat coke! It will sooth the stomach..." How true is that really? Reeeally?
I remember that dissapointment as a kid. Got fooled, EVERYTIME.
- We will get you some flat coke!
A kid does not understand nor hear the word "flat". All the poor, puking kid hears is coke. Sugar. Bubbles. A treat: Yumm-y. If it could, the kid would jump up and down, clapping his hands in excitement. 
( And if its a good kids brought up in a strict home, which I was not, he might think "But its not saturday! Why would mother hand me an unhealthy licuid on a tuesday. I simply can not understand what is happening")
With your head in the toilet, laughing with joy on the inside over this glass of coke that is coming your way....And what is handed to you?
Coke WITHOUT bubbles. FLAT COKE!

Major blow. A rip off I dare say.

A post that starts with coke and ends in the 16th century...

Just dragged my ass down to the kitchen. I was a lucky girl earlier and had a friend bring me diet coke (pretty sure that is what it says under "friendsship" in the dictionary, "Person 1 brings unidentifiable fluid to person 2").
All you need to get well.
That whole dont know. I am very skeptical.
Coke will do until tomorrow. BUT if I still cannot use my voice, my number one feature, in the morning I will throw in the towel and wobble over to tesco and buy myself some ginger. Okey? (after an hour long google-session on what works the best of course. I never do anything half heartedly.)

Met  2 of the 3 roomies in the kitchen.
The first one goes:
- Wow, you have color in your face again!
The other one joins in by saying:
-You dont look horrible anymore!
Gee, thanks. Compliment of the year.
 (It probably is. Think about it, how many people have I met since the new year started? I got sick on the 2nd. How many compliments could I possibly have collected in 2 days?)

BUT, since strenght AND voice is still missing from the adorable person we all love, I could not bite back.
Intead, I did what a REAL lady would do (I mean I do want to get married. Must watch that tongue.):
I smiled politely
Whispered "gentlemen"
Cursied slightly
Gently placed my drink between my fingers
and then lightly danced out the kitchen...

When the big man taps on your sholder

I should study.I need to study.
I do not want to study. I am too sick to study.

That last part is not true. This is the first day you are actually well enough to study.
As long as you keep your mouth shut and stay in bed. Youll live.
Are you sure? Yes.
I know it. God knows it.

Always annoying when god gets involved.

Oh Bethenny, oh Bethenny

Woke up this morning thinking:
-oh, this day will not be complete without a food dictator sitting on my sholder!
Hm, how do we solve this issue?
Lucky me, who got Bethenny Frankel, The skinnygirl rules for christmas.

Problem solved, now lets all hold hand and skip together!
Oh, she is wise that Bethenny. Very wise.
"Taste everything, eat nothing." I mean, that is a quote alright! You dont get logic like that anymore.
When you get it in audiobook-form, read by Bethenny herself: heaven! As good as it gets.
Especially when she gets agressive. Cause she does, on more than one occation.
"Why do you have all that pasta on your plate? are you sharing it with 5 people? NO!" 
"I hate when people eat while cooking, I cant stand it! Seriously, stop!"

Oh you gotta love her and her dictator-ish ways.

Dont let yourselves get fooled by the irony in my tone. I actually do love her. Which is def the sad thing with all of this. Worship might be a little strong, but not far from the truth.
Dont get me wrong, I WOULD like to hate her.
A fat-obsessed girl like myself, who lives by the saying "French fries is the devils starchy fingers!" has to love her. It is the law.

Bethenny to the people!

Londondays I will remember...

Okey, time to enter day 3 of misery.
I came back to London on sunday. I missed London. I was excited to be back in London. So, what have I seen since?
the tubestation
tesco room.
oh, I am feeling the London spirit alright.

Bring on the girls next door.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Carrot eater

Fever is gone: Hurray!
Appetite is back: Major bummer

bummer on so many levels
1. The whole "I need food"-thing, is it really necessary? Was enjoying my 2 days without that need (feels like beach -11 needs me to be sick for a longer amount of time. 2 days is not enough)
2. I have absolutely nothing eatable at home. Except for carrots. I do not care for carrots. I do not want carrots. Especially not since I was sick on my birthday. I deserve fat. Lots of fat.
3. I dont want to nor have the strenght to walk to kebabshop or tesco

I am doomed.
Bring on the carrots.

Seriously, kill me now

Woke up around 10, phone ringing:
Sat up too quickly which made my head feel hangover like
Realised im soaking wet from a night with fever
Can hardly speak
Starts to cry (like the little girl I am) from the pain in my troath

Yes, I am 22 alright...

And to make it all worse, I have serious balloon-face going on.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Self pity and kebab might be the best medicine...

Watching the girls next door and waiting for my birthday kebab to arrive. That right there might be the saddest sentence ever! 

Its something strangely wonderful watching beautiful, skinny and big chested women who got it all, While you are feeling worse and uglier than ever. No, I take that back, its not a feeling its a fact.
Pretty sure you can smell my self pity from the street...

Self pity to the people!!

Oh and did I mention I am single? Some days that is more obvious than others. Those are my favorite days.

Happy birthday to me...Kill me now.

Today is my birthday. Today I am turning one year older. I find this turning-one-year-older-thing very unecessary and NO part of me actually wanted to turn 22. but fine, man up and turn 22. 
Last year I had the best birthday so far. Me and the bff was in new york, drinking our weight in tequila AND I saw Dustin Hoffman. I mean...
No chance in h*ll this birthday was going to top that one BUT I am in London. I had some expectations. Plans were made. 
How have I celebrated this somewhat dreaded birthday?
After a more or less sleepless night I have been sleeping, drooling, sweating and seen what I ate for dinner yesterday. Twice. 
A higher god decided to give me the flu. Or at least something like the flu. 
Happy birthday to me! 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

London life, Student life...

Last week dear friend Kashif asked if he could crash at my place for 3 days since his contract ran out on the 2nd. Today. The deal was, he would bring his own airmatress AND cook for me during these 3 days. Ka-tjing. That right there is a good deal.
Of course! No problem. Was actually quite excited.

Yes well.
For some reason I didnt remember my new room being this small. Sure, I remember it being small, but come on..THIS small. This must be some sort of record in tiny-ness.
This is going to be interesting. Very interesting.
He is a guy. How much stuff can he have? 2 sets of underwear and a toothbrush.
Yes, this is what I am repeating, over and over.
Something tells me that I have to unpack before he gets here. Hm. I dont know about that.

New Year, same city

My alarm went off at 4am or no...who am I kidding, it didnt, I forgot I still had it set on london time, one hour time difference. A panicked mother had to shake alive while repeating "why didnt your alarm go off!?!", she knows me too well not to set her own alarm. Smart one that one.
As soon as I am home, I become 15 and act like the only child I am again. "You are a fulltime job!"
Gee, thanks.
I had slept for 2 hours and I swear to god I was still hung over from new years. HOW? I am getting old.
I felt AWESOME and my mood was on top. mm...
Didnt matter though, miss cranky pants was flying back to her beloved London.

Arrived at the rathole I call home in north london around lunch and after announcing to the world and roommates(sure, they seemed happy but did not offer to help me up the stairs with my enormous bag. I wonder why) I was back...I slept. Hard.

London, show me what you got.