Tuesday, 30 November 2010


-Amina you know we might not have classes tomorrow?
-Because of the snow....

oh you poor pathetic londoners. snowstorm?

Normally, this is where I would brag about my own nordic-hardcore-country. This year, I wont.
It is snowing in  Sweden. It is snowing ALOT in Sweden. Earlier than usual. More than usual. Apparantly, this is a very big deal. Its chaos! Big whoopsie doo.
I have heard about nothing else for the last week. Hardcore my ass.
-Amina, I dont think you understand HOW much snow we´re talking about here!
Well, I dont know HOW much I really care.

This morning I overslept, again( its a gift) and had to get ready in 10. Getting ready in 10 does not include "Peering out the window".Well....the suprice I got when I opened the front door made me giggle, loudly, like the little girl I am. I do love snow! Especially the first snow of the year, it is special....

Roommate came up from behind
-Makes you feel like home, no?
He had a point...

Moment over, time for gracious run to the tube (didnt want to miss a seminar about Karl Marx now did I?....)

Monday, 29 November 2010

How I met your....crap

Dying a slow and painful death, are we?
The blitz?
(Not to mention this whole season?) Seriously?!
Meet the mother already, get it over with. Shape it up or wrap it up. Soon.

No, I wont stop watching. I want to, but I wont.
How painful it might be, I will be faithful til the end.

(Still think they should have stopped with Rachel Bilson though, lesbian or not)

Bloody freezing!

This morning I felt confident that Vans and chinos would be a good choice.
It wasnt.
I decided that walking to Uni instead of taking the bus would be good idea.
It wasnt.

Im from Sweden, I should have known better.
I didnt.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Yesterday, after a morning at uni, improving my non-existing web design skills (There was a point in my life I thought I "knew" computers....Those days have passed. I now know that.) a overpriced latte (yesterday, London suddenly decided it was time for winter. I was not prepared. Mentally. I needed that overpriced cup of warm milk) it was time to pick up 50% of my genes and the step dad who is in London for the weekend! (Basically to see if Im eating right and isnt living with killers)

The Gatwick express train they were on was packed. People gets of the train and walks the same direction( toward where I was standing at Victoria, eager). My dear family members on the other hand decides that no, all of those people must be walking in the wrong direction....Lets walk the OTHER way!...and ends up...well...somewhere else. Oh help me god.

10 minutes later, finally, some screaming and jumping up and down( me and mom, the step dad is not much of a jumper).
Reunited with mi mama!


I got on a bus that was suppose to take me to Stonehenge.
What is Stonehenge?
- Amina, england is famous for the queen, tea and STONEHENGE! Something you just need to see, experience!
Alrighty. Sign me up.
3 hours later we arrived (god knows where)....To look at rocks.
HOW exciting.

So what IS Stonehenge?
-No one knows. No one knows why they are there or what they are for.
oh. okey?
They are just big rocks.

Now I can cross that off my bucket list, phew....

Friday, 19 November 2010

You're not a loser 'cause you have sex, but if you weren't having sex, we could definitely debate the issue.

Friday-brunch in Angel
Angel, Eggs benedict, lovely company

At one point I mention Freaks and Geeks
Confused and clueless faces
Excuse me, never seen Freaks and Geeks?

THAT is disdurbing....

James Franco as the cool guy
A slightly thinner Seth Rogen
A younger, hotter Marshall(lookwise, Jason Segels golden years)
And foremost, the outfits! Come on people!
What is there not to love?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Child #1 is tying the knot. Good for him (or...good for HER).
This is ALMOST as exciting as when child#1 of Sweden got engaged...ALMOST.
(Not like bbc was preparing for the biggest broadcasting of all times when she got married though...but fine.)
What might be more exciting than wedding itself is that I will be in town to whitness the whole thing!

Some die for football. Some die for Robert Pattinson. I die for royalty.
Yes, I am aware of how cornball that sounds.  Deal...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Heels on.

I am expected to cook for four and be ready for an allnighter
I have 30 minutes

Yeah. Well. Thats not very likely to happen, is it?

I don't scratch my behind I'm a woman you see....?

The beer was on sale
GQ is my guilty pleasure


That Daniel Radcliffe doesnt quite float my boat like he does others. Nor does the Potter-franchise. Not even a little bit.

Yesterday, London was pissed. It was "raining like a bitch", again.
Still, Leicster square was all dolled up, Potter style. So were the thousands of people waiting around the red carpet(which I didnt technically see...but I know it was in there somewhere)under their umbrellas. Sad. Don´t people have anything better to do?

Like me, who was on her way to The national portrait gallery. I dont have a bloody clue how Sara managed to get me there. Don´t get me wrong, I WANT to understand and actually like art. I just don´t.
Anywho, after about 2 hours of us feeling very arty and cultural, we had dinner in China Town.
And then.

My picture perfect afternoon with art and dinner ended with....well...me screaming like the little girl I am...all because I saw Daniel Radcliff on a big screen. Yes. Cheers.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dont wet your knickers just yet

Wednesday morning(-ish): a morning that screamed Im staying in bed no matter what, unshowered, eating junk and I aint speaking to anyone ALL DAY (I felt AWESOME and hot like hell.) Cranky-bitch deluxe.
Well.  Life doesnt really work like that now does it? Unfortunatley, no.(or thank god no)
It took forever but sure enough, one shower,four cups of coffee and one diet coke later, I made it to uni.

 "no no, dont wet your knickers just yet" 
Its phrases like that that makes me love England. Coming from a tutor, after announcing covers-20%-of final-grade-assignment just makes it a whole lot better. 

Naah...Time for me and me arse to get some sleep.
Well, we all know that is not going to happen. Latest obbsession is called Top Chef: Just desserts.
Perfection. Tv doesnt get better than this. Enough said.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Brown cheese, call it a review if you must

Less than thrilled when norwegian friend was making me taste this "incredibly tasty cheese" that she proudly had imported from that cold country next to my own.
Brown cheese? HM.
That "tastes like caramel"? HM.
Those norwegians....
 No. I am lying. I was quite excited to try it. I was the reason this very packet was opened in the first place.
I mean cheese GOOOD, caramel GOOOD.....
Together: I swear to god I could hear angels sing. SICK cheese.

That was all

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dinner at Cath´s....

It's probably just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch?
No, this is not a food baby all right?

Monday, 8 November 2010

"Londoners are bracing themselves for a wet and miserable week"

I am. I am bracing myself for a wet and miserable week. (and yes, I did just call myself "a londoner", sue me)

Before I left for uni this morning, roomie made it offical.  "It´s raining like a bitch!"
Thanks, I hadnt noticed....
And my pretty polka-dotted umbrella, im sure had a great time protecting my friend on HER way to uni, since I left it at her place friday....Dang.

I looked smokin when I arrived to my lecture......No joke.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Keith Richards and me. Night.

I am now going to enter the world of drugs, sex and rock n roll.
With other words, see ya...

Brick lane

People say you havent experienced London if you havent been to Brick Lane market on a sunday.
I have now experienced London.

I was dead set to return north with a new jacket (do you say jacket or coat? very confusing...) or at least...something.
I did´nt.
M and G, who was my company for the day, did. One coat each.
Amina however...came home with.....behold yourselves....a 2pound bandana. Can you say score?
Yes, I do feel my wardrobe is now complete....

With or without a new coat, it was a lovely sunday.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday in bed.....

Today is saturday. Saturday is the day of rest. No, Sunday is the day of rest. Yes, but saturday is the day of pre-rest. Pre-rest? Yes, Pre-rest.

What have I done today?
I have not moved my ass of questionable size one bit. Nope. I have stayed in bed(except for one too many sandwich trips to the kitchen...but lets not talk about that)all day. And I am not very tempted to change that fact.
Kendra, Tori and Dean, Jamie Oliver.....I have nothing to complain about.

In about 10minutes I will have to move though.
Yes, I am writing this post as mental preparation. I need to take a shower(even though I look truly awesome today....) and get going.....

10more minutes....