Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wednesday "morning"

Yes, I slept a little longer than I...well...was suppose to....Snooze.
After a slight heartattack and serious hate towards myself, here I am 5 hours later. 
I guess I needed it. 
And let´s face it, my ass may not agree, that 9am run I had planned wasnt really necessary now was it? No, it was not.

Now: finish breakfast, last sipps of coffee and then I´m off to school.

Haven´t yet seen what weather London is offering today...
Either way, Im in a good mood today, bring it on London! See what you got....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


If I was UK born, this is a moment where I would say "Man, I´m competley knackered!"
I am not UK born. Bummer.
It doesnt have the same punch to it but...."I am tired"

A night in bed with Rory and Lorelai will do me good.

That was all.

2.44 AM

No, my roommate did not know she was going to drive me to school this morning. (How could she not know that, I hold awesome communication skills)
Since she, herself, wasn't going to school(sorry,I mean Uni, I live in the UK now. I now know that “school” you attend as a kid, at age 21 however, you go to Uni), the car wasn't either.
And like anywhere else, going by bus takes about 55times longer than if you go by car.
I was late. Very, very late.
A loud “shit!” and I was out the door....Flustered and slightly red, I arrived to my lecture...lo and behold...only 5minutes late. Score!
Don´t expect me to do it again.

Rest of the day went by without much drama. Sun was shining, I bought a coffee, I got some knowledge. All in all, a good day.

Yes, it is 2.44 am and I am...not asleep. I have nothing to say in my defense.
But, I do believe my mom agrees that sleep, can wait until my 9 o´clock lecture tomorrow morning. No?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Good morning London

I do believe there is a kid living in the apartment next to ours(no, there is no doubt)...This kid did not feel like sleeping last night. Not even a little bit. His mother on the other hand, did. He wasn't going to let her. Neither of the two was very happy.

I understand. If someone wanted me to fall a sleep when I didn't want to, I to, would scream my lungs out. This, fortunately is not the case. The only person who will suffer as a result of me not going to bed until 5am last night
I did try to sleep. Nope, wasn't going to happen. After watching the ceiling for a while, the kid woke up and started wailing. And well, I saw this as a sign from above. Computer on.
I am as productive as ever at night. Why waste this?

Now:big jolt of coffee, big smile and off to school.
I do have my hopes that my roommate/classmate will drive me to school. If she is aware of this, I´m not sure. 

and no, I have no bloody clue why this and the previous post looks like this....bear with me people.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Buzz lead to blog

Sunday night...Finding myself in one of those weird, wonderful, inspired mood!
It WAS a shitty sunday...Why? Fact that was sunday and I´d decided to stay in for the day to study, clean, wash...all of those lovely sunday chores...This is normally the best way to make me crabby and as a result do...well...NOTHING
Have I ever gotten anything done on a staying-in-sunday? No
Do I believe this will ever change? No
But THEN...Wind shifted and I was buzzing! Still not doing any of the things I needed to do...tomorrow.
I have however created long lists of book I NEED to read, movies I NEED to see, items I NEED to buy, music I NEED to download cause having it on Spotify simply isn ot enough and finally, boy I NEED to date..
Who says I haven´t done shit? Any grown-up basically, and no, I do not consider myself as a grown-up yet(apparently in Austria youre a kid until you turn 27, Im only 21, 6 more irresponsible years ahead...)
I feel as inspired as ever and SO ready to start another week in London...
London, to whom I in a very very short time has gotten close. Yes, it´s still puppy love and I do oversee things that normally would kill my mood in an instance(with other words, piss me off), but for the fact that the name is London I tell myself "this, I can live with!" (sometimes he do however shit on mt parade, times where I couldnt care less of where I am...Like drunk mess puking next to me on the nightbus fridaynight...this is not okey...this will make me want to scream out load ANYWHERE...I didnt. Instead I buried myself in my thick-but-not-thick-enough-scarf, trying to hold my breath)

No, my english is not perfect, I am not perfect...But I do have my monents