Saturday, 26 March 2011

bitch, please...

aaah, to come home from work at 5.30am, some amaretto in ma system, get trough the door, look down, realise I depserately have to hand wash the work dress asap for tomorrow night (dried lime and sugar on black looks like someone got a liiiiittle too excited to see case you didnt know)...
Eat some cheese crackers (2 for 1at morrisons...I mean....), watch some how I met your mother, fall asleep HARD, not being woken up by the fire alarm test at 11am like today, wake up smelling everything but rasberries with todays make up smeared all over my face, eat a zega-mega breakfast with the excuse that I wont have time for lunch and I will work through dinner time, not having ANYTHING to do before work at 6 tomorrow....

Living the d-r-e-a-m

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

and you wonder why I am the palest person you have ever seen

Nothing says "Heat wave in London- 16degrees!" like being stuck in your dorm room studying until going to work, in a underground bar, for 10,5 hours. 
Oh I can feel the freckles coming. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"All good things in life is either immoral or fattening"

Yesterday I finally, 7 months later, went to register with a GP.
Have had my fair share of "walk in clinics". Dont know what it means in south London, but in north london walk in clinics means hangout place for outlaws. And me.
Asked at the desk downstairs where I should go. After a very long and judgemental "Oh god, you should have done that on the day of arrival my dear!" the nice lady said a name of a clinic and some directions.
I went, filled out 25 forms, got an appoinment to "actually" register 3 weeks from now(apparently you are not in until youre in.) and a cup.
- Bring this cup filled with zdfjisd to your appointment
- Fill with what? (I got it, I just wanted her to say it again)
Oh she´s gonna get some urin alright....

Called Gerda who was "up for a pint". And like always, her wish is my law. That I was sporting the worst of casual mondays with no makeup and loose jeans had nothing to do with it, to islington I went.
My law is not (nor was her wish), however, to have one pint of beer turn into 6 and lots of cheese cake and finally crashing at her place...
Oddly satisfying feeling to wake up NOT too hungover, and for once NOT being the one who screwed up the night before, next to someone who is very much hungover and who did.

Oh the irony....

Thursday, 17 March 2011

tonsillitis, welcome back

Got home from work around 4am, slept 3 hours
Woke up at 8am with a I-swear-to-god-this-hurts-as-much-as-labour pain in my troath and fever
Popped a couple of pills, put on tons of makeup to look somewhat alive and went (its called group work, otherwise no chance in hell I would have left my bed) to uni.
Moaned nonstop to group number1 and then again to group number2.
- Amina, im sorry but you are braindead today!
Went home, slept for 6 hours
Woke up, sweaty and lonely.
popped a couple of pills...

Is trying to gain strenght to go and do laundry. (In what universe is that going to happen??)
Completely out of clean underwear and my work-dress has a questionable scent to it.

Is craving chocolate like never before
Feel more deservant than ever.
A hug would do too.

Happy st patricks day
Life rocks

Monday, 14 March 2011

gimme some noodles....

- Sunday night in soho with Cath. Vietnamese food. Serious garlic breath going on. Im serious, this is another level of garlic breath. But it was ALL worth it.
I swear I could hear angels sing diggin in to those noodles.

- Looked at my account the other day, something I do far from often enough. 
More of a close-your-eyes-and-the-problem-is-gone kind of a girl
But look at that, I have been living as a poor student while I was secretly loaded.
Did not think much of why this was...Felt I deserved it. Reason unknown.
Til I got a very official talk and letter from the managers saying I had been overpayed. Not only overpayed, overpayed with 125hours. Meaning I will not get payed again in ages.
Rich went to uber poor in 2 seconds. 

- Finally dragged my behind to apple store. I did not plan on doing this and desperate as I was I started the week by spending 131 pounds on a new Ipod (Ugly as fuck. seriously, bring the old ipod nano back.)
When this got out people protested loudly (such an overstatement. Maria said it. once). Apparently Apple "Has suuuch good service, you can probably get a new one!"
So today, after a week of riding the tube and nightbus in COMPLETE silence, I brought my vey old and very dead ipod to apple.
I got a new one for only 39 pounds. Yes, I do see this as victory. (even though I swear I will forget to return the one I bought a week ago....)
- Do I get the old model? I like that one SO much better
- Yeah, most people say that....
This means I now have no excuse not to go for a run tomorrow morning. Has been the perfect excuse for a week. Who runs without music?
If it rains, I might use that instead. We´ll see.

- The newest obsession is seafood sticks. H-E-A-V-E-N. Especially since Morrison has had them on sale for weeks now. I am stocking up. Believe me.

- My hands are swollen. I swear, my hands looks obese. Not only do I have "powerful legs", now I also has swollen hands. I do believe its temporary. But still. Worth complaining about.

- Still havent cut my hair. Tomorrow.

- Considering to clean the dump that is my room. Dont know why I even waste my time thinking about it, we all know it aint gonna happen.

Can I hear a "Hell yeah!"?

Friday, 11 March 2011

The swedish uniform

I never thought this would happen. Never thought this day would come.
But I am actually considering getting a Spotify premium account.
I know, crazy and  lets face it, unnecessary.
But seriously, the ads seems to get longer and longer. (Its like they do that on purpose....)
Not cool.

The other day I heard one of my playlists being played, in SOMEONE ELSES room.
Had a moment of pride. Felt famous. Felt like a rolemodel. Felt like the bigger person. 
Then I realised I do NOT have spotify social. It could impossibly be my playlist. 
I am just mainstream. Like everybody else. One of many. I like what people tell me to like. Apparently. 

Like the man who came up to me on the street the other day 
-I cannot believe how swedish you are dressed!
- Im sorry?
- The way you are dressed, you are sooooo swedish!
- how did you....oh....
I did not take it as a compliment and walked away.

I now have spotify social and I will never wear converse in public again.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


- Something is up with London. Its spring. In March? Very odd. Was so not in the mood for sun yesterday. Or today.

- My ipod gave up on me on saturday, my phone gave up on me yesterday, I ripped my boots (I think..) on saturday. Seriously? Whatever did I do to deserve this?

-Was a mood cow at uni yesterday. "I cannot wait til this day is over, I cannot wait!" or "I fucking hate my life!!". Im sure I was a treat to hang out with yesterday. The price you have to pay if you befriend me.

- Had one thought in my head on sunday "What the hell was in that J├Ąger bomb?" until I dragged my jiggly ass to camden for Ts B-day bash....Aaaah, to be young...

- For the first time since I moved in, I have prepared for the cleaning lady to come. Time to hoover this disgusting floor, happy day, happy day. Mind you, it has been hoovered, she has worked "around" my crap (that is now piled up on my bed, instead of on the floor). Talented young lady that one.

- Came home with a dead animal around my neck on sunday. "Who forgot this? WHO FORGOT THIS?" Im not one to let a dead animal go to waste. Ka-tjing.

-Going to cut my so called hair today. People has started to "discreetly" drop comments that it might be time for a haircut. As allways, Im such a people pleaser.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

C-R-A-Z-Y days in Laaandon

- Woke up by the fire-alarm-test yesterday. No worries, im only 22, I can fall back to sleep easily. 
No, no they had to test it FIVE times! FIVE! HOW is FIVE times necessary?
It works. Okey, it works!

- Got a text from blondie, who was out last night, saying "Think I will go lesbian very very soon. Ive had enough!" Couldnt have said it better myself.

- Have not opened a book all week. My way of saying "fuck it all", Middlesexs way of saying "Have a nice life at mc donalds"

- Went out thursday. Fell down on my fuck-me-pumps in the subway, forgot my id, got my vodka underpoured, woman fainted on the nightbus home: had to wait for ages for the next bus (god knows where) A good night, a good night...

- Bought plastic plates. Real plates is so overrated. Until now I was still eating all my food in various cups and containers. Oddly satisfying feeling eating my pasta from a real-siza plate last night. Score.

- Gave money to a homeless the other day. He wanted 2 pounds, I gave him 1 pound. He said "okey?"
Here I thought I was mother Theresa, he was looking back at me like I was satan.
Wanted to shout back "Im a bloody student! That was my tips! Its ALLL I GOT! Say thank you!"
I didnt.

-Got hit on by a nice black man on the nightbus home the other night. No you can not have my number. His respond was "You should really try my kind, we rock in bed. Oh what the fuck, you Germans aint no good anyway!!" Auch! In one sentence I was called a rasist AND a german.

- Is considering going for a run before work. But then again...Why? NO.

- Was skyping with the BFF yesterday. 7am in LA, 3 pm in London. I was sitting on my fat ass, doing nothing. She was eating pasta for breakfast and was on her way to practise.
We live very very different lives her and me. Even when we didnt, we did. The difference is that she takes everything very seriously, whereas I do not. We bonded during our playdates in Jersey.
I spend those afternoons sleeping on the floor while she took care of MY kids.
That right there is the marriage im dreamin of.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"reading" week

Reading week this week. (apparently same thing as responsability. Something I know nothing about)
Oh im getting that momentum back. I will.
The plan is (was) to study loads this week.
Oh holy fuck im going to stud-y-y-y. HARD.

Monday: Wake up early, go for a long run, intense study-session all day and then IF I had been a good girl all day meet up with someone later. 
A good start. A good plan. On paper.

Before the run I decided today was the day for new tatoo.
A quick tatoo and THEN intense study-session.
Asked blondie if she felt the same way. She did.
The run got short. I blame excitement. A perfectly acceptable excuse according to me.
AND it was raining like a bitch.
Jiggly-ass: 1, beach 2011: 0 

Before the actual inking took place I figured I could swing by work to look at the rota for this week.
I shouldnt have. (list of reasons)
Oh look at that, im working TONIGHT.
What a lovely suprice.
If I didnt mean "shouldnt have gone to look at the rota" before, I def meant it when after-work-beer turned into after-work-tequila(-s)
Also meant that blondie had to loose her tatoo-virginity alone.
Came to foundation later on though, the biggest grin on her face.
"I do NOT know that girl"

Tuesday has been spent on Gerdas floor. Literally. (she put a blanket on me )
Recovering from last nights booze coma. Feeling and smelling like I deserved.
Lovely company and a Tesco Cheese swirl.
I think thats all you need.

Reading week can suck it.