Saturday, 25 December 2010

Who wouldnt want to tap that?

Was sure my nose would go all Jackson on me and fall off from the cold.
It didnt. Still there. 
Needless to say, I am disgustingly proud of myself. Bring on the meatballs!

Here we go, beach 2011

I feel sick. Mind you, it has NOTHING to do with the amount of food Ive consumed in the last 3 days. It has NOTHING to do with that. Okey!? IF it has something to do with that, I blame the fish. The only healthy thing to be seen on my plates. I knew it was a bad idea. My system is not used to healty-ness like fish. I should have known better. Lesson learned.
We´ll see if the day ends with puke-o-rama or not. Dont count on it though. I tend to whine when I get the opportunity to.

BUT I decided yesterday(while eating my weight in meatballs) that today would start with a run (in reality the day started with 3 hours on the couch. Lets not talk about that too much. Infact, forget that I ever mentioned it).
Feeling sick or not, minus 15 degrees or not, snowy streets or not: I WILL do it. People say they "gather their thoughts" while running. Hm. Yeah, okey. See if you can gather all the thought in my head during a 30 minute run. I dare you. The birth certificate may say 21, the mind says 12. NO logic to be found up there.

This picture is from my younger days, 2 years ago. Amina, all perky and naive.

If I dont come back alive,
Its been nice knowing you. 

Friday, 24 December 2010

God jul!

After a day of awesome jolly-ness at my moms yesterday I am off to celebrate the birth of jesus with my dads side of the family.
One of the perks of being a divorce child: more meatballs...

Merry Christmas (or Happy christmas as they say in england, I find this very weird) to all of you!! 
Be safe out there! 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy I grew up pre the digital camera....

I am SUCH a good stepsister. Seriously, I would like to be my own forced-to-be-sister.
In the world of children, last day of school before christmasbreak means church, nice clothes and performances in worldclass. Mm. And supportive parents and relatives.

Dragged myself up at the crack of dawn (some would disagree and call it "noon") and went to support 2/3 of my clan when they were forced to smile big while singing their lungs out (which some kids did but shouldnt have. Gotta think about your parents reputation.) All my painful childhood memories came flashing back.
No kid will ever want to be reminded of their particular performance. Still every person in there has the camera up high. Including myself. (I am going to be a GREAT stagemom one day)
When church was done I moved over to the older kids and their "show" in the gym.
Again, FAB performances. The difference might be that these young adults has volonteered to perform. Some shouldnt have.
Naturally, all the kids except my own sucked. I truly beleive this. Again, I am going to be a kick-ass stage mom.

Come on plumpy...

This is the third time since I came home from London(5 days) someone has suggested "lets go to the gym together!!"
Are people trying to tell me something? Is my jelly-ass that obvious? Mushy mushy....(More to love, no?)
Not cool.
Just as well, next week I will reunite with the wonderful bff. The bff is studying nutrition, wants to be a pt and is working out 7 times a week.
I am...well....not. 

I moved to London, she moved to LA. That right there pretty much describes the difference between us: I want to sit inside and complain about the rain while she shows of her pretty little behind on the beach.
I am expecting the worst of culture shocks. I am expecting her to turn all Jillian on me.
(If she can whip me into shape by overeating and heavy drinking. That I would be all for)

By the way, I am giving her chocolate for christmas with a note that says "Eat me, I wont tell!" 

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Christmas coma. Family coma. Oh how very nice and horrific at the same time.
Weekend was spent in the kitchen watching (what else) the mother and the rest of the happy family preparing for christmas eve shabbang. 4 days of pure picture perfect-ness. I have serious stomach ache.
I am not in London anymore, thats for sure. (Dont let the fresh air get the best of ya)
Amina, enjoy: sleep, gain weight and be jolly. Thats what christmas is all about.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Welcome to copenhagen, the weather is cold

At the time of booking the going-home-for-xmas-flight the early departure time did not occur to me.  And since I am a adventurous spirit (HA, funny)Other words, dead-broke, and did not feel like spending money on cab cause the tube dont run at night I decided to experience Stansted by night. Go there late the night before, spend some hours on the floor and sleep on the plane. I am young, I still have my original hip. I can do it.

Stansted at night is packed. Who knew?
And not a ret-hard in sight, as I expected.

At 4am, I was very into reading the new issue of GQ (laptop had died on me an hour earlier) and hadnt noticed the Ryan Air check in-queue that had started to create around me. However, Ryan Air lady made me very aware of this.....walked around shouting:
-People on the floor has to move! Waky waky! up up up up!
aaah! This meant check-in time, which meant time for security, which then meant....STARBUCKS!
Had been waiting for this moment all night...
One hour later the giggly over-tired woman that was me, was sipping latte at a crowded( again, WHO KNEW?) Starbucks.
Life was goddamn sweet at that moment.

Found the first empty seat on the plane. Buckle on, hoody up and good night.
Woke up by "Welcome to Copenhagen!"
Follwed by "The weather is well....COLD! We were really lucky, a storm is coming in and as you can see, snow is already coming down"

I WAS lucky. To make it home for christmas at all, and not being stuck somewhere.
Would however be the perfect excuse for eating Burger King on christmas eve. The secret dream we all share. 

Welcome to Sweden...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Driving home for christmas...

Since I am a cheap son of a bitch, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would move into the empty much cheaper size-of-a-shoe-box room next mine. Officially, I have been living in that room for a week.
Since the landlord still havent found a new tenant for my big room, my shit has been living in the shoe-box-sized room(creating a perfect crap-pile) for a week while I have been living in the big room. Singlebed vs doublebed, tricky one.
I have also used the little room as my personal guestroom, very convenient. An unknown fact in the house.

Anywho...Sitting in my empty, big room(Which I cleaned and will, for real, move out of within 30minutes), all ready to go go.
The overweight that will cost me months rents-bag is in the hallway (who am I kidding, I had trouble closing it. I gave up, left it on the bed in the other room and I am now waiting for the man roommate to come home, hopefully he will not only close my bag for my but ALSO escort me to the tube. Dream big.) and I am waiting for the clock to turn 10pm. How I am left with extra time is beyond me, since I have been running like a maniac since 7.30 this morning...but here we are, done, full and packed.

Hello Sweden....

Watch it, or Ill throw my mushroom on you.

Came home and lo and behold...overnight my new mushrooms had gotten frostbites. In the fridge. FROZEN!
Since I moved in 3 weeks ago, Ive been guessing the fridge has issues. Major issues.  But since I am both the youngest and the newest in the house. I have kept my mouth shut.
And it cost me 1pound in mushroom cost.
Lesson learned.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Little fockers...

Is this really necessary? REALLY?
Havent the world suffered enough...?
I thought we were done.

Question is who is having moneyproblems


At 7PM I had been walking around central London for 6 hours. SIX HOURS! When did I get a family the size of a football team? I did not sign up for this. I would like to be an only child again. Thanks.
Family comes before Aminas mental health. No?
At that point London and myself was not the bestest of friends. Not even a little. I wanted to lay down on the street, kick and cry... and get someone to carry me back to North London( also, cause my travelcard expired. How very convenient.)
"Amina, you can be a little overdramatic at times. "
Thanks. I believe that memo has already been sent.

I was responsible for about 70% of starbucks daily sale yesterday. True story.
Takes a friggin superhuman to survive Londre at christmas without coffee. Not true, but its a hell of an excuse to visit starbucks 4 times in one day...

After finishing work, the uber talented muscian friend Kashif called and had one thing in mind..."Lets drink!?"
That was probably the best thing I had heard all day. How very sad. 
Dropped my bags, clapped my hands in excitement! "Lets! Lets! Lets!"
And drank we did. 

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Oxford street december 11th, what am I thinking with??

All week I have been saying to myself "Do not leave the christmas shopping until the weekend, DO NOT!"
Well here we are, its saturday and Im on my way to central....GREAT!
Will I be the only one on Oxford street? No.
 Even 2 weeks ago, that is FOUR weeks before christmas I couldnt help shouting "MOVE!" to a couple of people. I am not very good with crowds, in case anyone missed that.
In a about 2 hours I will most likely be ready to rip my hear out and scream "Im done!Im done!" and head back home again, without shopping bags.

Heading to Suecia in 4 days and today is the only day I will have time to get my beloved ones christmas presents....

I´ll send you a postcard from hell....

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

4 AM

Entered the world of cool down in Brixton tonight. Came with muscian friend Kashif to look at a new studio...
I do not belong in places like that. I dont understand half of the words mentioned, and all I really want to do is press every button in there. Instead I sit there like a quiet jackass, trying to control myself....loving every second of it!

Followed by a fab moroccan meatball dinner (praises to Leon)....

Came home around 10, pot of coffee, some Julian Perretta and I was ready to create! Create sounds so much better than "doing homework"or "study". Since I was actually looking forward to writing this particular "homework", I will not label it homework. I refuse. If I would be full of myself I would call it "art"(others would call it "shit")
Coffee....Julian Perretta.....Imagine what those two combined can do....
Curlyhaired, sweet voiced genuises are ALWAYS welcome. swoon.
Mind you, we are not talking x-factor Harry here. That would be slightly disturbing.

But Julian Perretta, isnt time for him to do something new soon? Feels like I have been "you-tube-channelled" him for too long. I deserve some real shiz. No?
Making a new video for Wonder Why does not count. I dont like it.
To be honest, I have no idea what he has been up to lately. Read somewhere that Beyonce loves him, found some new songs on youtube and saw this new horrific video. Thats all the news I got...
But since I am, and have always been, a person who tend to kill songs by repeating them too many times, 3 or 4 songs is all I need to fill my Perretta-crave for a night of studies......
Okey, I couldnt help myself. I just googled. Album is released in France but will be released in uk and us next summer. I feel so much better already.

The buzz is starting to wear of and it is quite obvious that no more feature writing will be done tonight.
Time for bed ( the bed, that im guessing might have been here since before I was born. Comfortable as hell)

Knowing me, due to lack of sleep, tomorrow I will look like I had an alergic reaction and be a puffy version of myself.
Something to look forward to.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Watch my icy hot super slide....

-The toilet is floooooded!!
GREAT. Good morning London! Roomie felt that this was someting she needed to announce to the world, early sunday morning. I have the best housemates....
Doing everything I can NOT to visit that bathroom....Will run to KFC if I have to(yeah, like Seven Sisters has a KFC, funny)....

Is spendning sundaymorning in bed with coffee(there is nothing I can do about the coffee. I need it. And thanks to that, soon I WILL need to visit that bathroom) and Don Draper. Glamorous, I know.
Havent seen Mad Men in a while. Feels good to be back on Manhattan again (even though Betty is enoying the shiz out of me).

In a couple of hours I will show the world my gracefulness at Hyde Park skate rink. Im dreading.
Figure skating? Give it up, Jimmy! It´s like a cruel bitch mother!
Maybe Ill blame my still aching arse and act like a stage mom, holding the camera instead. Maybe.

Swede down. TWICE!

Last night was. well. Interesting...
It all started of well...until I get pushed(bumped into, if I have to de-dramatice it) and SWOOP! I fall. Swede down.
I mean, all the way down, lick-the-floor-down
10 minutes later, this time because of true clumsiness: SWOOP!
Again? Yes, I fell again. All the way down, lick-the-floor-down.
Sure, I had some %-age in me, but not THAT much. No, we are not talking hello-floor much. 
The floor at the club was slippery, VERY slippery. Covered with what im hoping was beer( which gave me total beer-ass after two visits. SEKSI.)

Overall though, it was a good night!

This morning(-ish) however: OWW! Fuckity OW!!
Tailbone from hell! "Pain in the ass" got a whole new meaning....Jeez, it hurts!
Getting ready took ages, not to mention walking(wobble)to Tesco. Never felt so old.
Cath, last nights wingman, read my mind( or saved me from depression)
-Yes! Pizza?
With my limited ability to move, pizza, good company and some sweet tunes from Matt Cardle(this week, not so sweet)sounded like HEAVEN!
Diet starts tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday only comes once a week.....

WHY I would leave my double glazed room tonight, to enter the cold and go to Brixton? WHY would I exchange the 3 layer of primark-fuzzy-socks I am wearing to pantyhose and heels? WHY? Give me one good reason.

I will. I will. Just give me a minute. 
The cold has nothing on me. NOTHING.

Time to drop the clothes

I have concentration difficulties. I have always had concentration difficulties. I AM concentration difficulties.
Take a gap year(or 3), it might help! It didnt.
I am 21. I am a grown up. (so they say)
Grown ups are not suppose to find it more interesting to blow bubbles with their gum than reading the text they are suppose to. Grown ups are not suppose to create tonights outfit in their head while trying to write an essay. Grown ups are not suppose to draw hearts in the margin of their notepad instead of listening to teir tutor.

Its official. I am a lost case.
You think Hooters will take me on?
Loose some ass and you have a career.

Guilty pleasure

Where on the planet earth can I go without being judge for loving Take Thats the flood?
Nowhere. I will die uncool and lonely.

messy arse goes Westfields

Woke up in around noon on Caths floor in Queensway. No, this was not my intention when I left the rathole I call home yesterday morning to go Uni. (whit the intention of being a good student, laptop and all my uni books was with me, oh yes)
But if there´s a promise of food and beer(s), how can a girl resist?
She couldnt. From uni straight to caths crib in central.

Smokin hot (not even a little, felt like crap on a cracker) when I 2 hours later dragged my messy ass and ridicously heavy unibag to meet Sara outside of Westfields. I lost my westifelds virginity today. It felt good. But europes biggest mall? I dont know. Takes a little more than that to impress me....

With a breath like a monkey, a slightly bigger behind(40% discount in gourmet burger kitchen is not for kids let me tell ya) and a cardigan that screams disco heaven I was back home, 36 hours after leaving....

Met roommate in hallway, talked weather. Nice when people notice you have been gone...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Never been a Timberlake-kind-of-girl...

There is no explaining attraction what so ever.
This man is the cheese to my macaroni.