Tuesday, 30 November 2010


-Amina you know we might not have classes tomorrow?
-Because of the snow....

oh you poor pathetic londoners. snowstorm?

Normally, this is where I would brag about my own nordic-hardcore-country. This year, I wont.
It is snowing in  Sweden. It is snowing ALOT in Sweden. Earlier than usual. More than usual. Apparantly, this is a very big deal. Its chaos! Big whoopsie doo.
I have heard about nothing else for the last week. Hardcore my ass.
-Amina, I dont think you understand HOW much snow we´re talking about here!
Well, I dont know HOW much I really care.

This morning I overslept, again( its a gift) and had to get ready in 10. Getting ready in 10 does not include "Peering out the window".Well....the suprice I got when I opened the front door made me giggle, loudly, like the little girl I am. I do love snow! Especially the first snow of the year, it is special....

Roommate came up from behind
-Makes you feel like home, no?
He had a point...

Moment over, time for gracious run to the tube (didnt want to miss a seminar about Karl Marx now did I?....)

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