Saturday, 18 December 2010

Welcome to copenhagen, the weather is cold

At the time of booking the going-home-for-xmas-flight the early departure time did not occur to me.  And since I am a adventurous spirit (HA, funny)Other words, dead-broke, and did not feel like spending money on cab cause the tube dont run at night I decided to experience Stansted by night. Go there late the night before, spend some hours on the floor and sleep on the plane. I am young, I still have my original hip. I can do it.

Stansted at night is packed. Who knew?
And not a ret-hard in sight, as I expected.

At 4am, I was very into reading the new issue of GQ (laptop had died on me an hour earlier) and hadnt noticed the Ryan Air check in-queue that had started to create around me. However, Ryan Air lady made me very aware of this.....walked around shouting:
-People on the floor has to move! Waky waky! up up up up!
aaah! This meant check-in time, which meant time for security, which then meant....STARBUCKS!
Had been waiting for this moment all night...
One hour later the giggly over-tired woman that was me, was sipping latte at a crowded( again, WHO KNEW?) Starbucks.
Life was goddamn sweet at that moment.

Found the first empty seat on the plane. Buckle on, hoody up and good night.
Woke up by "Welcome to Copenhagen!"
Follwed by "The weather is well....COLD! We were really lucky, a storm is coming in and as you can see, snow is already coming down"

I WAS lucky. To make it home for christmas at all, and not being stuck somewhere.
Would however be the perfect excuse for eating Burger King on christmas eve. The secret dream we all share. 

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