Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Driving home for christmas...

Since I am a cheap son of a bitch, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would move into the empty much cheaper size-of-a-shoe-box room next mine. Officially, I have been living in that room for a week.
Since the landlord still havent found a new tenant for my big room, my shit has been living in the shoe-box-sized room(creating a perfect crap-pile) for a week while I have been living in the big room. Singlebed vs doublebed, tricky one.
I have also used the little room as my personal guestroom, very convenient. An unknown fact in the house.

Anywho...Sitting in my empty, big room(Which I cleaned and will, for real, move out of within 30minutes), all ready to go go.
The overweight that will cost me months rents-bag is in the hallway (who am I kidding, I had trouble closing it. I gave up, left it on the bed in the other room and I am now waiting for the man roommate to come home, hopefully he will not only close my bag for my but ALSO escort me to the tube. Dream big.) and I am waiting for the clock to turn 10pm. How I am left with extra time is beyond me, since I have been running like a maniac since 7.30 this morning...but here we are, done, full and packed.

Hello Sweden....

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