Friday, 3 December 2010

messy arse goes Westfields

Woke up in around noon on Caths floor in Queensway. No, this was not my intention when I left the rathole I call home yesterday morning to go Uni. (whit the intention of being a good student, laptop and all my uni books was with me, oh yes)
But if there´s a promise of food and beer(s), how can a girl resist?
She couldnt. From uni straight to caths crib in central.

Smokin hot (not even a little, felt like crap on a cracker) when I 2 hours later dragged my messy ass and ridicously heavy unibag to meet Sara outside of Westfields. I lost my westifelds virginity today. It felt good. But europes biggest mall? I dont know. Takes a little more than that to impress me....

With a breath like a monkey, a slightly bigger behind(40% discount in gourmet burger kitchen is not for kids let me tell ya) and a cardigan that screams disco heaven I was back home, 36 hours after leaving....

Met roommate in hallway, talked weather. Nice when people notice you have been gone...

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