Sunday, 9 January 2011

Good morning lovers

Morning Peeps.
Kidding. My ego is not big enough to say good morning to my readers.
But who knows...the day I actually HAVE readers, I too will call them lovers, sweeties, monsters.
Or Ill just stick with peeps. Quick, simple, no fuss. Peeps.
No. It will not happen. Ever.
But okey, for today only, lets go blogger. All the way.

In true blogger spirit I too will (again today only) take a picture of my breakfast.
We live in a very odd time. All this sharing is very odd. Oddly satisfying.
I love starting MY day by knowing how others started THEIRS. I do.
There is no explanation to why. None.

Yes, I placed a book next to my muesli to look extra sofisticated. Something I am not.
We all know I watched The girls next door while eating.

And not to forget, the picture of me holding a cup of joe (taken in photobooth, naturally. Cooler that way). Looking unrealisticly happy and satisfied.
 It is a cup of coffee. Its not jesus. 

Me and my B-cup (b as in barely anything there. Jesse Eisenberg, I love you) will sport something similiar to this today, only in purple. 
Hey, I have hardly been outside the house for a week. I CRAVE attention. 

Happy sunday. 

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