Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lazy does not cover it

I have issues. Major issues.
Get your act together and leave the house already! Nope. For some reason I am takin my sweet old time today.
Even though it IS mighty tempting to enter the rain and go to uni...

I will, no worries. I will get eduacated. Eventually.

Also my UBS stick has given up on me. Dead. Silence. USB stick no more.
Which is awesome in so many ways. Especially since all my work was on there and nowhere else.
Two options: Either spend all night at the library, major recreation session OR blame technology.
Blaming technology has worked oh so many times before. A winning concept, IS a winning concept.
Why change that?

Okey here goes. Final attemt to actually look decent enough not to scare people away.

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