Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oh Bethenny, oh Bethenny

Woke up this morning thinking:
-oh, this day will not be complete without a food dictator sitting on my sholder!
Hm, how do we solve this issue?
Lucky me, who got Bethenny Frankel, The skinnygirl rules for christmas.

Problem solved, now lets all hold hand and skip together!
Oh, she is wise that Bethenny. Very wise.
"Taste everything, eat nothing." I mean, that is a quote alright! You dont get logic like that anymore.
When you get it in audiobook-form, read by Bethenny herself: heaven! As good as it gets.
Especially when she gets agressive. Cause she does, on more than one occation.
"Why do you have all that pasta on your plate? are you sharing it with 5 people? NO!" 
"I hate when people eat while cooking, I cant stand it! Seriously, stop!"

Oh you gotta love her and her dictator-ish ways.

Dont let yourselves get fooled by the irony in my tone. I actually do love her. Which is def the sad thing with all of this. Worship might be a little strong, but not far from the truth.
Dont get me wrong, I WOULD like to hate her.
A fat-obsessed girl like myself, who lives by the saying "French fries is the devils starchy fingers!" has to love her. It is the law.

Bethenny to the people!

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