Tuesday, 8 February 2011

72 hours

- Slash, stop hanging out with fergie. Seriously, stop. Super bowl...not one of your proudest moments, now is it? Didnt think so.

- Took the nightbus home from old street on saturday(-ish). Normally no biggie. On saturday however, it slipped my mind that I had moved. You do not live in Seven sisters anymore. Idiot.
Wandering the streets of north london to find my way home at night, with a tequila or two too many in me. Safe, yes.

- Sundaynight was spent at the emergency with my dear norwegian. She felt like crap. I had a pretty good time. It was interesting. Also, she couldnt say much, her feelin like crap and everything, which meant I could talk for hours without being interupted. Such a nice feeling.

- Is spending a fortune at starbucks.
I blame it all on my clumsiness and the fact that I havent yet bought a new coffee maker. (before I actually got to starbucks yesterday I downed 2l diet coke. It did not have the same effect.)

- The latest obsession is Keeping up with the kardashians (good morning, I know). Feel so skinny after a couple of episodes straight. And bright. Kourtney annoys the shiz out of me. I really do not like her.

- Sat next to Peaches Geldfof on the tube the other day. That is one glamorous and terrified lookin lady. What she was going to do in Wood Green I will never know. Im guessing she was getting a kebab. I dont blame her.

- Heard people talk about the sun shining over London today. I know nothing about this. I did not see it.

- Was certain the cleaning lady had stolen my salt. (had to eat my "dinner" without salt. I do NOT do that) She hadnt. For some reason, I had placed it in my window.
Dont ask.


  1. this is so weird. my salt was stolen as well when i used to live in third floor!! ;p

  2. Are you serious??? So you mean, me keeping it in my room and not in the kitchen is a good thing? Noted!

  3. no! keep it in your cupboard[just make sure you lock it ;p]

  4. hahah I know, I was kidding!