Tuesday, 22 February 2011

And here we go again...

Why did I go back to school?
Was that really necessary? I mean, really?
I have SO lost my momentum. It was there. I remember it being there. 
But now, as expected, it has moved on to other things.

Will Amina ever find something she wont get tired of doing for a longer amount of time?
No. Never. Never ever.
(the mothers biggest argument against me getting my first tatoo 4 years ago...maybe thats also why she never let me get a dog as a kid....)
There is NOTHING I do I do not get sick of doin. I get bored. Thats just who I am.

I get excited, I get overwhelmed, I let everybody know how excited I am, I get bored, I complain, I move on.

Woke up with a smile, thinking "ooooh, Im going to work today!" and then it hit me "urgh, before I go to work im going to....uni....."
Shouldnt it be the other way around?
In a normal persons mind, yes.

The meter is ticking, crap or get off the pot.

Yes, its 12,03Am and I should be in school.
I am not.
Sue me.

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