Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Temper tantrums....

Yesterday I was bitch-ness central, a walking bomb, temper tantrum to happen at any moment. (Again, why do I not have a boyfriend?)
Just not my day.
So were my dear estonian. Just not her day.
I get stubborn when im cranky, so does she.
With a quiet and "embarrassed to death" Maria in the middle we ended up getting into a very loud and agressive argument in one of our seminars.
About what?
Keeping up with the Kardashians.
One of my proudest moments. Ever.
I am, as known, pro celeb reality shows. 
She on the other hand, is against. 
Yes, it was a lovely moment.
Defending Kim Kardashian is what I do best.

A much needed nap and to-much-for-my-own-good-diet coke (and an appology) later, I was back to my charming self again, ready to go to work.

Sat exhausted in my work outfit on the nightbus home.
Facial expression: high as a kite. SO ready for my bed.
I did NOT smell like rasberries, my legs had grease stains from carrying trays with food and my hair had been rained on and had seen better days.
I got whissled at twice, got 3 winks, got 1 air-pussy-lick and I got honked at twice.
The last honk got a load and clear "bite me!" in return.

Another eventful day in London.

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  1. hahahaha well it is pretty much a slut outfit :) Like that you screamed bite me haha you go girl !!! Do what I do change before you leave work. See you soon! xx Marika