Monday, 14 February 2011

WHO came up with "valentines day"? I want names!

So, bartender debut on saturday. Started of looking like a lost puppy dog (which was SO the plan, who is goin to scream at a puppy dog. No one), scared shitless.
Put a smile on it and shake that mother!
The night ended with me pouring (literally. My hair was dripping.) whiskey all over me and Bella that happened to stand behind me.
(Not like I smelled like raspberries before that happened.)
- Your armpit smells like my ass!
It did.
And then, because of lack of food and complete exhaustion the night ended with me getting tipsy (understatement) on 1,5 bottle of stella and falling alseep hard on the nightbus home.

Today I am actually going to uni. Imagine that.
Instead of sitting in a booth all day, I will sit in classrooms and learn bout what some people call "real things".

I mean it.
If I ever would, this is the day I would jump of a bridge.


  1. mE liKes dAt SteLla, MaTe! Yoooooooooooooooo, want to grAb a LunCh?!? McDonalllldds or KinG bUrGeR... DeM aMeRiKaNs make some good fast food. Coool, rInG me.... I cUreNtly be At tRinIty ColleGe, OxfUrd, UnIversity..... Ask FoR me dere..... mY Skype NaMe be babybitch69696969696.



  2. Anina,
    well, where to start? You are obviously brilliant! Too bad you are across the pond. But if I was looking for a bridge to jump off (and that might be tomorrow), well the atlantic ocean might have some advantages. like the fact that you might discover my, bloated, sea soaked, fuck valentines day corpse. I am not assuming my brilliance and humor are going to penetrate. but if they do, you can send me something at: