Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello to no one

It has been almost a year since I've been here. I blame the thing we call life.
But after a year of terrorising all creatures around me with things one better keep to herself, it has been "discretely" suggested that I bother someone that cares. A blog with absolutely no visitors (even though the stats button is trying to boost my confidence by saying I am widely popular. I've worked in sales, I don't buy it.) seemed like the obvious choice.

Except for being, on paper, one year older (and things that comes with that such as increasing alcohol intake etc.), not much has changed.
I am still as obsessed with my own body weight as before, I still have trouble keeping my belongings in order and of off the floor, I still drink an unhealthy amount of coffee everyday and my skin is as pale as ever.

Good to be back!


  1. Yay, Simply Amina is back! Endelig! Du får sjekke ut bloggen min, er et vakkert bilde av deg der ifra igår haha..
    Lots of love, din nordgubbe Ingeborg

  2. ..I think there's something seriously wrong with this bloody city, if you ask me..