Tuesday, 26 October 2010

2.44 AM

No, my roommate did not know she was going to drive me to school this morning. (How could she not know that, I hold awesome communication skills)
Since she, herself, wasn't going to school(sorry,I mean Uni, I live in the UK now. I now know that “school” you attend as a kid, at age 21 however, you go to Uni), the car wasn't either.
And like anywhere else, going by bus takes about 55times longer than if you go by car.
I was late. Very, very late.
A loud “shit!” and I was out the door....Flustered and slightly red, I arrived to my lecture...lo and behold...only 5minutes late. Score!
Don´t expect me to do it again.

Rest of the day went by without much drama. Sun was shining, I bought a coffee, I got some knowledge. All in all, a good day.

Yes, it is 2.44 am and I am...not asleep. I have nothing to say in my defense.
But, I do believe my mom agrees that sleep, can wait until my 9 o´clock lecture tomorrow morning. No?

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