Monday, 25 October 2010

Good morning London

I do believe there is a kid living in the apartment next to ours(no, there is no doubt)...This kid did not feel like sleeping last night. Not even a little bit. His mother on the other hand, did. He wasn't going to let her. Neither of the two was very happy.

I understand. If someone wanted me to fall a sleep when I didn't want to, I to, would scream my lungs out. This, fortunately is not the case. The only person who will suffer as a result of me not going to bed until 5am last night
I did try to sleep. Nope, wasn't going to happen. After watching the ceiling for a while, the kid woke up and started wailing. And well, I saw this as a sign from above. Computer on.
I am as productive as ever at night. Why waste this?

Now:big jolt of coffee, big smile and off to school.
I do have my hopes that my roommate/classmate will drive me to school. If she is aware of this, I´m not sure. 

and no, I have no bloody clue why this and the previous post looks like this....bear with me people.

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