Sunday, 24 October 2010

Buzz lead to blog

Sunday night...Finding myself in one of those weird, wonderful, inspired mood!
It WAS a shitty sunday...Why? Fact that was sunday and I´d decided to stay in for the day to study, clean, wash...all of those lovely sunday chores...This is normally the best way to make me crabby and as a result do...well...NOTHING
Have I ever gotten anything done on a staying-in-sunday? No
Do I believe this will ever change? No
But THEN...Wind shifted and I was buzzing! Still not doing any of the things I needed to do...tomorrow.
I have however created long lists of book I NEED to read, movies I NEED to see, items I NEED to buy, music I NEED to download cause having it on Spotify simply isn ot enough and finally, boy I NEED to date..
Who says I haven´t done shit? Any grown-up basically, and no, I do not consider myself as a grown-up yet(apparently in Austria youre a kid until you turn 27, Im only 21, 6 more irresponsible years ahead...)
I feel as inspired as ever and SO ready to start another week in London...
London, to whom I in a very very short time has gotten close. Yes, it´s still puppy love and I do oversee things that normally would kill my mood in an instance(with other words, piss me off), but for the fact that the name is London I tell myself "this, I can live with!" (sometimes he do however shit on mt parade, times where I couldnt care less of where I am...Like drunk mess puking next to me on the nightbus fridaynight...this is not okey...this will make me want to scream out load ANYWHERE...I didnt. Instead I buried myself in my thick-but-not-thick-enough-scarf, trying to hold my breath)

No, my english is not perfect, I am not perfect...But I do have my monents


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