Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dont wet your knickers just yet

Wednesday morning(-ish): a morning that screamed Im staying in bed no matter what, unshowered, eating junk and I aint speaking to anyone ALL DAY (I felt AWESOME and hot like hell.) Cranky-bitch deluxe.
Well.  Life doesnt really work like that now does it? Unfortunatley, no.(or thank god no)
It took forever but sure enough, one shower,four cups of coffee and one diet coke later, I made it to uni.

 "no no, dont wet your knickers just yet" 
Its phrases like that that makes me love England. Coming from a tutor, after announcing covers-20%-of final-grade-assignment just makes it a whole lot better. 

Naah...Time for me and me arse to get some sleep.
Well, we all know that is not going to happen. Latest obbsession is called Top Chef: Just desserts.
Perfection. Tv doesnt get better than this. Enough said.

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