Friday, 12 November 2010


That Daniel Radcliffe doesnt quite float my boat like he does others. Nor does the Potter-franchise. Not even a little bit.

Yesterday, London was pissed. It was "raining like a bitch", again.
Still, Leicster square was all dolled up, Potter style. So were the thousands of people waiting around the red carpet(which I didnt technically see...but I know it was in there somewhere)under their umbrellas. Sad. Don´t people have anything better to do?

Like me, who was on her way to The national portrait gallery. I dont have a bloody clue how Sara managed to get me there. Don´t get me wrong, I WANT to understand and actually like art. I just don´t.
Anywho, after about 2 hours of us feeling very arty and cultural, we had dinner in China Town.
And then.

My picture perfect afternoon with art and dinner ended screaming like the little girl I am...all because I saw Daniel Radcliff on a big screen. Yes. Cheers.

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