Monday, 13 December 2010


At 7PM I had been walking around central London for 6 hours. SIX HOURS! When did I get a family the size of a football team? I did not sign up for this. I would like to be an only child again. Thanks.
Family comes before Aminas mental health. No?
At that point London and myself was not the bestest of friends. Not even a little. I wanted to lay down on the street, kick and cry... and get someone to carry me back to North London( also, cause my travelcard expired. How very convenient.)
"Amina, you can be a little overdramatic at times. "
Thanks. I believe that memo has already been sent.

I was responsible for about 70% of starbucks daily sale yesterday. True story.
Takes a friggin superhuman to survive Londre at christmas without coffee. Not true, but its a hell of an excuse to visit starbucks 4 times in one day...

After finishing work, the uber talented muscian friend Kashif called and had one thing in mind..."Lets drink!?"
That was probably the best thing I had heard all day. How very sad. 
Dropped my bags, clapped my hands in excitement! "Lets! Lets! Lets!"
And drank we did. 

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