Saturday, 11 December 2010

Oxford street december 11th, what am I thinking with??

All week I have been saying to myself "Do not leave the christmas shopping until the weekend, DO NOT!"
Well here we are, its saturday and Im on my way to central....GREAT!
Will I be the only one on Oxford street? No.
 Even 2 weeks ago, that is FOUR weeks before christmas I couldnt help shouting "MOVE!" to a couple of people. I am not very good with crowds, in case anyone missed that.
In a about 2 hours I will most likely be ready to rip my hear out and scream "Im done!Im done!" and head back home again, without shopping bags.

Heading to Suecia in 4 days and today is the only day I will have time to get my beloved ones christmas presents....

I´ll send you a postcard from hell....

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