Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy I grew up pre the digital camera....

I am SUCH a good stepsister. Seriously, I would like to be my own forced-to-be-sister.
In the world of children, last day of school before christmasbreak means church, nice clothes and performances in worldclass. Mm. And supportive parents and relatives.

Dragged myself up at the crack of dawn (some would disagree and call it "noon") and went to support 2/3 of my clan when they were forced to smile big while singing their lungs out (which some kids did but shouldnt have. Gotta think about your parents reputation.) All my painful childhood memories came flashing back.
No kid will ever want to be reminded of their particular performance. Still every person in there has the camera up high. Including myself. (I am going to be a GREAT stagemom one day)
When church was done I moved over to the older kids and their "show" in the gym.
Again, FAB performances. The difference might be that these young adults has volonteered to perform. Some shouldnt have.
Naturally, all the kids except my own sucked. I truly beleive this. Again, I am going to be a kick-ass stage mom.

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