Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Come on plumpy...

This is the third time since I came home from London(5 days) someone has suggested "lets go to the gym together!!"
Are people trying to tell me something? Is my jelly-ass that obvious? Mushy mushy....(More to love, no?)
Not cool.
Just as well, next week I will reunite with the wonderful bff. The bff is studying nutrition, wants to be a pt and is working out 7 times a week.
I am...well....not. 

I moved to London, she moved to LA. That right there pretty much describes the difference between us: I want to sit inside and complain about the rain while she shows of her pretty little behind on the beach.
I am expecting the worst of culture shocks. I am expecting her to turn all Jillian on me.
(If she can whip me into shape by overeating and heavy drinking. That I would be all for)

By the way, I am giving her chocolate for christmas with a note that says "Eat me, I wont tell!" 


  1. hahah that is a great note:) Kisses and have a lovely time:) kisses

  2. haha yes I will be your nightmare dearest... and tnxs for the heads up on my presents ;)

    ps, jag gjorde en kraftanstrangning att starta en blogg, ett inlagg om aret racker val?