Monday, 17 January 2011

Alcohol helps.

Arrived at  Gerdas house...a little (much) later than I had planned.
When Amina is hungover she is slower than usual. Imagine that.
I am not going to lie, I took my time.

Was greeted at the door by a face looking at me, as Hank Moody puts it, like I had just finger-banged her cat.
-You just had to update your blog didnt you?
Amongst other things, yes.
The "the busdriver died"-speech I had planned was not necessary.
Evidence. Evidence of me being at home long after I should have been in Angel.
Will save it for the next time I screw up.
Which statisticly will be sometime tomorrow.

She might look happy but the woman wanted to kill me. Which she mentioned, multiple times. 
The beer she is holding is a forgive-me-beer I bought her. 
It helped. 
Especially when I agreed to skip the movie and stay at the pub and have...well....more beer 
I did not argue. 
Gosling will just have to leave me heartbroken tomorrow instead. 
It can wait.