Sunday, 16 January 2011

cinema, looking like a woman with questionable morals

My toothbrush, make up, flattening iron...and well everything else that makes me the somewhat decent looking person I aint is across town at Caths place.
I tend to say those magic words "Is it okey if I leave my crap here and pick it up tomorrow?" (which yesterday was answered with "You always do dear!"), everytime before entering the london fog ready to shake my booty.
Without exception, I regret this HARD the following day.

Sometimes, the day after, I decide to look my natural self, other times I choose to look like a hooker with yesterdays eye make up mushed all over.
Today is a hooker-day.

Being the ugly and materalistic person I am, I NEED my crap.

off we go, looking hot and smelling like a meadow in springtime, to Angel.
Ryan gosling, show me what love is all about...
But dont worry, after the movie I WILL go reunite with my crap.

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