Thursday, 20 January 2011


People say living in halls is an "awesome social experience you will never forget!"
Since I moved in, I have not met a single soul (okey Maria, who im pretty sure wanted to end our friendship forever when I made her drag my belongings to my room. She disapeared quickly after that. I wonder why.)

I have however heard a couple going at it. 
A sign of life IS a sign of life. Im not picky. 

But okey, during my 12,5hours of living here. I have been home 45minutes.
(One would think that would be enough time to inhale at least some social experiences. But I guess not.)

Dropped my bags to the floor, screamed some cursewords in swedish when I for the life of me couldnt find my workclothes in the sea of shit and then left my new home, running to make it to Covent Garden in time for work.

I mean, someone needs to sell the people of London shoes. Challenge accepted.


  1. Maria was pretty upset today with the whole move in move out move BACK again. NOT with you! :p i promise that as soon as deadlines are gone ill be social again!! :P and enjoy the silence as long as it lasts because you might seek for it in the end. ;)wilkomment!!!!!!

  2. Yes well, that too was pretty annoying....but the fact that the only swede in your life was a pain in the ass, didnt help either did it?
    Okey, I am looking forward to see more of you from monday onwarts...haha who are you kidding? Since I do not own a pan, not even one, I will be up there 2 times a day. Starting tomorrow. You know it, I know it, god know it.

  3. oh man! jag far klaustrofobi bara genom att titta pa bilden, bor du pa en finlandsfarga? :D

  4. haha ja men typ! eller något fängelseliknande...