Thursday, 20 January 2011

And here we go again...

So why am I doing this? WHY am I moving?
Theres reasons enough, but right now, in the middle of the actual moving-the-crap-from-pointA-to-pointB, hm.
Is this really necessary?

THIS is the reason I need a boyfriend. To move my crap. Do some heavy lifting.
Interested? Anyone?
Its not to late. The cab doesnt get here til 9ish. There´s still time.

Or, in this pace it is very likely that I will move at least twice more before the summer.
The offer stands.


  1. you dont need a boyfriend but a good friend like me. hahahahaha
    lovely photo by the way, it describes the best how many stuff you had :p

  2. haha oh shut it! yes, who needs a bf when I have you and the nice man down at the desk....I mean, im all set!