Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, same city

My alarm went off at 4am or no...who am I kidding, it didnt, I forgot I still had it set on london time, one hour time difference. A panicked mother had to shake alive while repeating "why didnt your alarm go off!?!", she knows me too well not to set her own alarm. Smart one that one.
As soon as I am home, I become 15 and act like the only child I am again. "You are a fulltime job!"
Gee, thanks.
I had slept for 2 hours and I swear to god I was still hung over from new years. HOW? I am getting old.
I felt AWESOME and my mood was on top. mm...
Didnt matter though, miss cranky pants was flying back to her beloved London.

Arrived at the rathole I call home in north london around lunch and after announcing to the world and roommates(sure, they seemed happy but did not offer to help me up the stairs with my enormous bag. I wonder why) I was back...I slept. Hard.

London, show me what you got.

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