Sunday, 2 January 2011

London life, Student life...

Last week dear friend Kashif asked if he could crash at my place for 3 days since his contract ran out on the 2nd. Today. The deal was, he would bring his own airmatress AND cook for me during these 3 days. Ka-tjing. That right there is a good deal.
Of course! No problem. Was actually quite excited.

Yes well.
For some reason I didnt remember my new room being this small. Sure, I remember it being small, but come on..THIS small. This must be some sort of record in tiny-ness.
This is going to be interesting. Very interesting.
He is a guy. How much stuff can he have? 2 sets of underwear and a toothbrush.
Yes, this is what I am repeating, over and over.
Something tells me that I have to unpack before he gets here. Hm. I dont know about that.

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