Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oh, one of those days....

There were SO many things I should have done today (going to my 9.30 seminar for starters)
Seriously, I had a list.
But in true Amina fashion, I have done shit. Nothing. Nada.
I got dressed, thats about it (oh, and of course, emptying my savings account)
I suck. In so many ways.
Yes, there´s some serious hatred going on towards myself today.

There is NOTHING I hate more (take that back: oatmeal. I truly hate oatmeal) then wasting time.
And ironically, there is nothing I do better or as often as waste time.

The world sucks hard today.
Except for Ricky Gervais. Deep love going on for Ricky Gervais.

Yesterday on the other hand....Not much wasting was going on.
Moved some crap to my new pad(whereas I was welcomed with a "how can you have so much stuff?", oh they havent even seen half of it yet...), wore my so-not-me-but-I-love-it-to-death-anyway-ghetto-hoodie, went to school, got some knowledge, went to brick lane, had a pretzel (Bethenny, my diet god, says NO NO, I say YES YES), got complimented on my polka dotted umbrella (which I wont today since the freakin sun is shining), had a lovely evening with a lovely Swizz. 
THATS a good day.

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