Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Unlimited sex for 20 pounds a month.

Me and T-mobile are not friends. From day one the chemistry was not right.
But as the lazy person I am I never bothered to end our relationship.
But now....
Im starting to think that T-mobile wants to bff me. Hard.

A new thing for the year is that you get to choose what music you want to listen to while you hold.
Pop, rock, classical. The choices are endless.
I decided to go a little crazy and hold...which means they choose for me. Crazy.
I got some Gaga.

Then I got to speak to a nice (completely braindead) indian man.
He updated me on the latest:
-You do not have unlimited sex. 
-Thanks, how very kind of you to point that out.
-No sorry, unlimited TEXT. Or wait, you do. You do have unlimited sex. 
- You are right actually, people call me Easy A (a joke he by the way did not get)
-Oh no, sorry, I mean unlimited text. 

I mean: choose your own music, some unintended humour.
That right there is reasons enough to stay with the piece of crap that is T-mobile.

The call ended with me calling him an idiot who didnt help me what so ever.
That is however not the point.

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