Monday, 3 January 2011

Self pity and kebab might be the best medicine...

Watching the girls next door and waiting for my birthday kebab to arrive. That right there might be the saddest sentence ever! 

Its something strangely wonderful watching beautiful, skinny and big chested women who got it all, While you are feeling worse and uglier than ever. No, I take that back, its not a feeling its a fact.
Pretty sure you can smell my self pity from the street...

Self pity to the people!!

Oh and did I mention I am single? Some days that is more obvious than others. Those are my favorite days.


  1. love the girls next door! one of my favs when it was still i just watch kendra! haha

  2. I know, I moved on to kendra too..but to watch reruns of the girls next door, I can do that everyday of the week, haha