Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy birthday to me...Kill me now.

Today is my birthday. Today I am turning one year older. I find this turning-one-year-older-thing very unecessary and NO part of me actually wanted to turn 22. but fine, man up and turn 22. 
Last year I had the best birthday so far. Me and the bff was in new york, drinking our weight in tequila AND I saw Dustin Hoffman. I mean...
No chance in h*ll this birthday was going to top that one BUT I am in London. I had some expectations. Plans were made. 
How have I celebrated this somewhat dreaded birthday?
After a more or less sleepless night I have been sleeping, drooling, sweating and seen what I ate for dinner yesterday. Twice. 
A higher god decided to give me the flu. Or at least something like the flu. 
Happy birthday to me! 


  1. Happy Birthday to you,sweetie...Wish you all the best:) Hugs and kisses

  2. Du som hanterar spyor så bra också. I feel for you. Grattis på dig.

  3. EXAKT! Är det något som ska kräkas på sin födelsedag så är det väl jag....Tack ska du ha:-)