Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A post that starts with coke and ends in the 16th century...

Just dragged my ass down to the kitchen. I was a lucky girl earlier and had a friend bring me diet coke (pretty sure that is what it says under "friendsship" in the dictionary, "Person 1 brings unidentifiable fluid to person 2").
All you need to get well.
That whole dont know. I am very skeptical.
Coke will do until tomorrow. BUT if I still cannot use my voice, my number one feature, in the morning I will throw in the towel and wobble over to tesco and buy myself some ginger. Okey? (after an hour long google-session on what works the best of course. I never do anything half heartedly.)

Met  2 of the 3 roomies in the kitchen.
The first one goes:
- Wow, you have color in your face again!
The other one joins in by saying:
-You dont look horrible anymore!
Gee, thanks. Compliment of the year.
 (It probably is. Think about it, how many people have I met since the new year started? I got sick on the 2nd. How many compliments could I possibly have collected in 2 days?)

BUT, since strenght AND voice is still missing from the adorable person we all love, I could not bite back.
Intead, I did what a REAL lady would do (I mean I do want to get married. Must watch that tongue.):
I smiled politely
Whispered "gentlemen"
Cursied slightly
Gently placed my drink between my fingers
and then lightly danced out the kitchen...

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