Wednesday, 5 January 2011

flat coke.

Okey now I felt bad.
Tesco closes in 2 hours. Maybe, I said MAYBE, I will get my shiz together and wobble down to tesco tonight and get myself some "get better stuff"
Ginger, lemon, chilli....what else?
And what about chicken soup? Isnt that suppose to cure like....everything? Im up for some chicken soop.
OR is just a myth created by all mothers because kids tends to like chicken soup and everything slightly warm is good for you....Hu? Hu?

And while I am at it....What about "Give your puking kid a flat coke! It will sooth the stomach..." How true is that really? Reeeally?
I remember that dissapointment as a kid. Got fooled, EVERYTIME.
- We will get you some flat coke!
A kid does not understand nor hear the word "flat". All the poor, puking kid hears is coke. Sugar. Bubbles. A treat: Yumm-y. If it could, the kid would jump up and down, clapping his hands in excitement. 
( And if its a good kids brought up in a strict home, which I was not, he might think "But its not saturday! Why would mother hand me an unhealthy licuid on a tuesday. I simply can not understand what is happening")
With your head in the toilet, laughing with joy on the inside over this glass of coke that is coming your way....And what is handed to you?
Coke WITHOUT bubbles. FLAT COKE!

Major blow. A rip off I dare say.

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