Sunday, 6 February 2011

fastfood central in my ass

Mc donalds stops serving normal (normal as in "give me FAAAAT") food at one point (didnt think it was possible, but it is.) and starts serving breakfast. ONLY!
What the fuck!?
No, I do not care for a bagel.
I want something deep fried with cheese on top!
Is that reeeeeally that difficult?
NO, it shouldnt be!

AND all wood green kebab shops closed like an hour ago.
I thought Wood green was junk food central 24/7.
Such a ripoff.
Thank god (im serious, bagel doesnt do it when you get home at 5am. I would have died. True story.) for Linda Mccartney frozen lasagna, that happened to be on sale 2 days ago, when i happened to go shopin. aaah! ( or we´ll see, its still in the micro oven. But im confident its fatty and heavenly delicious.)

More fat to the people!

That was all.

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