Saturday, 5 February 2011


Friday was spent making cocktails, winetasting and menu tasting.
I dont know but that is what I call a rather good friday. ( Friday in hell to some, but who diets on fridays, really? Wouldnt say I EVER diet, but especial not on fridays. come on.)

Saturday will be spent free pouring and makin more cocktails.
No, I do not free pour. Not even close. And I have a memory like a goldfish.
Which will mean I will most likely spend my day swearing like a fisherman on leave.
Amina tends to get upset when it dawns on her she is not perfect. Such a shocker everytime.
Thats also why I do not dance.

Tonight, hopefully, I will drink and shake my sorrows away. Preferably with Abercombie door boys. But hey, Im not picky.

Happy saturday!

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