Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yet another hour I will never see again...

In complete sleep-mode.
I was rooting for this tutor. He looks cool, seems cool, seems nice, the subject seemed alright.
Dont judge the dog by the hair (literally)
For gods sake, pep it up for 5 minutes!
I dont want to be here any more than you do, but lets pretend shall we?

Tonight the family arrives at Gatwick. Again.
"But, they were here like 2 minutes ago"
Well, yes. Yes, they were. Again, its more about London then it is about seeing the oldest daughter.
That I hardly will have time to see them is another story.
They will see me dressed for success tomorrow while enjoying a greasy, heavenly feast at foundation tomorrow night.
Jealous does not cover it. Will totally swing by their table more then once and stuff myself with mac n cheese.

"okey thats it, see you in 2 weeks!"
oh, he does not have to say that twice.


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