Tuesday, 1 March 2011

"reading" week

Reading week this week. (apparently same thing as responsability. Something I know nothing about)
Oh im getting that momentum back. I will.
The plan is (was) to study loads this week.
Oh holy fuck im going to stud-y-y-y. HARD.

Monday: Wake up early, go for a long run, intense study-session all day and then IF I had been a good girl all day meet up with someone later. 
A good start. A good plan. On paper.

Before the run I decided today was the day for new tatoo.
A quick tatoo and THEN intense study-session.
Asked blondie if she felt the same way. She did.
The run got short. I blame excitement. A perfectly acceptable excuse according to me.
AND it was raining like a bitch.
Jiggly-ass: 1, beach 2011: 0 

Before the actual inking took place I figured I could swing by work to look at the rota for this week.
I shouldnt have. (list of reasons)
Oh look at that, im working TONIGHT.
What a lovely suprice.
If I didnt mean "shouldnt have gone to look at the rota" before, I def meant it when after-work-beer turned into after-work-tequila(-s)
Also meant that blondie had to loose her tatoo-virginity alone.
Came to foundation later on though, the biggest grin on her face.
"I do NOT know that girl"

Tuesday has been spent on Gerdas floor. Literally. (she put a blanket on me )
Recovering from last nights booze coma. Feeling and smelling like I deserved.
Lovely company and a Tesco Cheese swirl.
I think thats all you need.

Reading week can suck it.

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