Saturday, 5 March 2011

C-R-A-Z-Y days in Laaandon

- Woke up by the fire-alarm-test yesterday. No worries, im only 22, I can fall back to sleep easily. 
No, no they had to test it FIVE times! FIVE! HOW is FIVE times necessary?
It works. Okey, it works!

- Got a text from blondie, who was out last night, saying "Think I will go lesbian very very soon. Ive had enough!" Couldnt have said it better myself.

- Have not opened a book all week. My way of saying "fuck it all", Middlesexs way of saying "Have a nice life at mc donalds"

- Went out thursday. Fell down on my fuck-me-pumps in the subway, forgot my id, got my vodka underpoured, woman fainted on the nightbus home: had to wait for ages for the next bus (god knows where) A good night, a good night...

- Bought plastic plates. Real plates is so overrated. Until now I was still eating all my food in various cups and containers. Oddly satisfying feeling eating my pasta from a real-siza plate last night. Score.

- Gave money to a homeless the other day. He wanted 2 pounds, I gave him 1 pound. He said "okey?"
Here I thought I was mother Theresa, he was looking back at me like I was satan.
Wanted to shout back "Im a bloody student! That was my tips! Its ALLL I GOT! Say thank you!"
I didnt.

-Got hit on by a nice black man on the nightbus home the other night. No you can not have my number. His respond was "You should really try my kind, we rock in bed. Oh what the fuck, you Germans aint no good anyway!!" Auch! In one sentence I was called a rasist AND a german.

- Is considering going for a run before work. But then again...Why? NO.

- Was skyping with the BFF yesterday. 7am in LA, 3 pm in London. I was sitting on my fat ass, doing nothing. She was eating pasta for breakfast and was on her way to practise.
We live very very different lives her and me. Even when we didnt, we did. The difference is that she takes everything very seriously, whereas I do not. We bonded during our playdates in Jersey.
I spend those afternoons sleeping on the floor while she took care of MY kids.
That right there is the marriage im dreamin of.