Tuesday, 8 March 2011


- Something is up with London. Its spring. In March? Very odd. Was so not in the mood for sun yesterday. Or today.

- My ipod gave up on me on saturday, my phone gave up on me yesterday, I ripped my boots (I think..) on saturday. Seriously? Whatever did I do to deserve this?

-Was a mood cow at uni yesterday. "I cannot wait til this day is over, I cannot wait!" or "I fucking hate my life!!". Im sure I was a treat to hang out with yesterday. The price you have to pay if you befriend me.

- Had one thought in my head on sunday "What the hell was in that J├Ąger bomb?" until I dragged my jiggly ass to camden for Ts B-day bash....Aaaah, to be young...

- For the first time since I moved in, I have prepared for the cleaning lady to come. Time to hoover this disgusting floor, happy day, happy day. Mind you, it has been hoovered, she has worked "around" my crap (that is now piled up on my bed, instead of on the floor). Talented young lady that one.

- Came home with a dead animal around my neck on sunday. "Who forgot this? WHO FORGOT THIS?" Im not one to let a dead animal go to waste. Ka-tjing.

-Going to cut my so called hair today. People has started to "discreetly" drop comments that it might be time for a haircut. As allways, Im such a people pleaser.

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  1. the girl behind you looks really happy.