Monday, 14 March 2011

gimme some noodles....

- Sunday night in soho with Cath. Vietnamese food. Serious garlic breath going on. Im serious, this is another level of garlic breath. But it was ALL worth it.
I swear I could hear angels sing diggin in to those noodles.

- Looked at my account the other day, something I do far from often enough. 
More of a close-your-eyes-and-the-problem-is-gone kind of a girl
But look at that, I have been living as a poor student while I was secretly loaded.
Did not think much of why this was...Felt I deserved it. Reason unknown.
Til I got a very official talk and letter from the managers saying I had been overpayed. Not only overpayed, overpayed with 125hours. Meaning I will not get payed again in ages.
Rich went to uber poor in 2 seconds. 

- Finally dragged my behind to apple store. I did not plan on doing this and desperate as I was I started the week by spending 131 pounds on a new Ipod (Ugly as fuck. seriously, bring the old ipod nano back.)
When this got out people protested loudly (such an overstatement. Maria said it. once). Apparently Apple "Has suuuch good service, you can probably get a new one!"
So today, after a week of riding the tube and nightbus in COMPLETE silence, I brought my vey old and very dead ipod to apple.
I got a new one for only 39 pounds. Yes, I do see this as victory. (even though I swear I will forget to return the one I bought a week ago....)
- Do I get the old model? I like that one SO much better
- Yeah, most people say that....
This means I now have no excuse not to go for a run tomorrow morning. Has been the perfect excuse for a week. Who runs without music?
If it rains, I might use that instead. We´ll see.

- The newest obsession is seafood sticks. H-E-A-V-E-N. Especially since Morrison has had them on sale for weeks now. I am stocking up. Believe me.

- My hands are swollen. I swear, my hands looks obese. Not only do I have "powerful legs", now I also has swollen hands. I do believe its temporary. But still. Worth complaining about.

- Still havent cut my hair. Tomorrow.

- Considering to clean the dump that is my room. Dont know why I even waste my time thinking about it, we all know it aint gonna happen.

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