Thursday, 17 March 2011

tonsillitis, welcome back

Got home from work around 4am, slept 3 hours
Woke up at 8am with a I-swear-to-god-this-hurts-as-much-as-labour pain in my troath and fever
Popped a couple of pills, put on tons of makeup to look somewhat alive and went (its called group work, otherwise no chance in hell I would have left my bed) to uni.
Moaned nonstop to group number1 and then again to group number2.
- Amina, im sorry but you are braindead today!
Went home, slept for 6 hours
Woke up, sweaty and lonely.
popped a couple of pills...

Is trying to gain strenght to go and do laundry. (In what universe is that going to happen??)
Completely out of clean underwear and my work-dress has a questionable scent to it.

Is craving chocolate like never before
Feel more deservant than ever.
A hug would do too.

Happy st patricks day
Life rocks

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