Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Go out and have a little dance....

- My grand plan for saturday night was to finish work around 2am, hang around til 3am and then head to Stansted. Well. Got off work at 12.15am. "Nooooo I have a 6 something flight. What am I suppose to do until then??" The words I was hoping to come out of the managers mouth was "okey, Amina, you can work until closing!" instead he said "Okey Amina, go out there and have a little dance and im sure time will go faster." Gee, thanks. I didnt. I hung out in the back like the tiny person without a life I actually am.

-At 5am I was at stansted. Hungry as a motherfucker, with only a stella in me. After my bag was brought aside at security because they couldnt figure out what my barblade was for, I sat down at pret and ate the amount and i nthe speed a very large man would. The woman behind the counter (look in a mirror before you judge, okey!?) had trouble understanding what I actually wanted. "oh wait, so you want a cheese panini. Also?" YES bitch, YES!

- As the horrible daughter I am I didnt have time buying my mom a birthday gift. Instead I bought candy for 10 and special edition "royal wedding" magazines at the airport (this after buying MYSELF a way too expensive perfume. I mean its all about prioritising,no?) It was however, believe it or not, a hit.
Let us all unite in a big global hate for Kate Middleton. Shall we?
I dont know why I dont like her. Its not like she is marriying the man of my dreams, or looks like I want to look. She just seems fake. But then again, arent we all? You go girl.

- Had lunch with the father on monday. I have not seen him since christmas. You can imagine what a joyful reunion it was. One of the topics he felt we needed to cover was "Have you seen this new movie Burlesque? With Cher and Christina Augulera? Its actually really really good."
God, my family can SO not function without me. Makes drastic choises like downloading burlesque. They need me. After me mocking him for 15 minutes I am pretty sure he realised his mistake and wont do it again.

- Do not hook up with people on the nightbus. If there is you and one other person on the very much packed bus that is not drunk. You tend to notice. Well, dont. Lesson learned. "The fact that you met him on the bus shouldve been clue no.1" 

- Bought a new skirt yesterday. A long one. Its about 1,5 metre too long and I look seriously obese in it.
"Are you serious? Did you actually buy that ugly skirt?" Well, yes, yes I did. I dont know why. Something in me told me to.

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