Monday, 4 April 2011

hamster cheeks said what?

-Woke up from last nights Brick lane booze-coma craving sushi and tomatoes.
Marks and spencer, h-e-l-l-o.
That I was buying sushi and tomatoes at 7am no big deal, the cashier did however feel that the new sushi packaging was "sooooo cute! look how nice it looks! Before they more squared...."
Bitch, please! Zip it and hand me my fish.
Imagine if, instead of cheese, I always would wake up from booze-comas craving sushi and tomatoes, how skinny would I be?!

-Woman walking past me on the tube the other day. Couldnt help thinking what a nice and well shaped behind she had. Normally not anything I notice. Ever (wide-ness obsessed yes, nice-ness no) and then I noticed she was wearing Reebook easy tone trainers. So that shiz really work? interesting....

-Has messed up my sleeping pattern completely. Or sleeep pattern (note that I was buying sushi at 7am, the morning after....), just not much sleep going on at all. Walking around like a bitch zombie, not quite sure whats going on around her.

-Pretty sure today is a good day for a new tattoo...or new shoes. One of the two...

-Today is SO not a day for make up. Not working today, and just because I can, I will look like crap. All day long. Will take ugliness to a whole new level. Cheers.

-Bought morrisson chocolate milk the other day. Dont know why. Took me back to my New Jersey days when I used to inhale chocolate milk. The 4 kids sitting across from me was not allowed to drink it, me as an adult on the other hand, was. Oh those were the days. Feel like Ive grown up since though, not at all as heavenly as I remembered. God, im getting old.

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