Wednesday, 8 December 2010

4 AM

Entered the world of cool down in Brixton tonight. Came with muscian friend Kashif to look at a new studio...
I do not belong in places like that. I dont understand half of the words mentioned, and all I really want to do is press every button in there. Instead I sit there like a quiet jackass, trying to control myself....loving every second of it!

Followed by a fab moroccan meatball dinner (praises to Leon)....

Came home around 10, pot of coffee, some Julian Perretta and I was ready to create! Create sounds so much better than "doing homework"or "study". Since I was actually looking forward to writing this particular "homework", I will not label it homework. I refuse. If I would be full of myself I would call it "art"(others would call it "shit")
Coffee....Julian Perretta.....Imagine what those two combined can do....
Curlyhaired, sweet voiced genuises are ALWAYS welcome. swoon.
Mind you, we are not talking x-factor Harry here. That would be slightly disturbing.

But Julian Perretta, isnt time for him to do something new soon? Feels like I have been "you-tube-channelled" him for too long. I deserve some real shiz. No?
Making a new video for Wonder Why does not count. I dont like it.
To be honest, I have no idea what he has been up to lately. Read somewhere that Beyonce loves him, found some new songs on youtube and saw this new horrific video. Thats all the news I got...
But since I am, and have always been, a person who tend to kill songs by repeating them too many times, 3 or 4 songs is all I need to fill my Perretta-crave for a night of studies......
Okey, I couldnt help myself. I just googled. Album is released in France but will be released in uk and us next summer. I feel so much better already.

The buzz is starting to wear of and it is quite obvious that no more feature writing will be done tonight.
Time for bed ( the bed, that im guessing might have been here since before I was born. Comfortable as hell)

Knowing me, due to lack of sleep, tomorrow I will look like I had an alergic reaction and be a puffy version of myself.
Something to look forward to.

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